Circle of Life

Penul watched the tree grow. In only a few years it grew twice as tall as him. A few years later, it started producing seeds. Penul decided to come back into focus then. When he was fully corporeal again and he couldn't even perceive the movement of the sun, he walked over to the tree and laid a hand on it. He could feel the tree's life pulse, slow but comfortingly steady. Penul decided that this was a good tree, and so began to gather its seeds. Once he had gathered them all, he trotted off in the direction of the place he'd seen where the humans had cleared a large area of trees. Upon reaching it however, he saw that the humans had built many structures in the clearing they had made. Saddened, Penul went over and put the seeds next to one of the human structures, and unfocused a little. He quickly saw the humans return from wherever they had been and discover the seeds he had left. Instead of planting them, the humans threw them away. Penul was shocked, and not sure what to do, unfocused himself even more.

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Giffon floated in darkness, staring at a single point of light, which had suddenly come into existence. Bright and red, the light cast itself upon his body, reminding him of his own hideousness. Writhing around in a vain attempt to distance himself from the light, Giffon quickly realized the hopelessness of his situation. And so, with a keen sense of despair, he resigned himself to being forever reminded of the reason he fled into the Void in the first place. The poor souls around him found the light a source of hope, but for Giffon, the sight of his demonic form bathed in blood-red was worse than any dark or isolation.

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The wizards said her soul was connected to a star that could only be seen from the south pole. Having finally arrived there, after months of travel, she felt a sense of peace she couldn't quite explain. Stepping out of the boat and onto the freshly fallen snow, she took a deep breath through the nose, savoring the feeling of the chill air in her lungs. She turned with a smile and gave the sailor who rowed her ashore a wave, and he in turn gave her a nod of farewell. She was determined to reach the summit of the nearest mountain by nightfall, but quickly realized that would be quite impossible.

Undaunted, she pressed on each day making her way up slowly but surely, until she finally arrived at the peak. There, she felt it appropriate to assume a posture of meditation. Upon closing her eyes, she saw something few mortals have ever seen. Spread out before her was a great spiraling pool of stars. She could sense her physical presence in a particular spot in the pool, as well as others like her, some in the sam

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The Glass Palace

The Glass Palace was at once both a testament to the wealth of the Cylitian Empire and the madness of its emperor. The outer walls were as thick as any other castle's and said to be even stronger than walls made of stone. However, all the walls and floors inside the structure were much thinner, and as a result, perfectly see-through. This allowed for one at the very top of one of the castle's towers to look straight down and see everything below. The effect was quite stunning, but with it came the cost of privacy, even for the emperor himself.

Being a servant in the Glass Palace, and a woman at that, Lilith always felt exposed and hounded by the stares of all those who came to the castle on imperial business, especially the men. She couldn't even begin to understand why the emperor would build a castle where even his bedchamber was visible from the entryway. Of course, he was mad, so it made a sort of sense. Still, she hated the man for not only having the servants quarters visible from most everywhere in

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The City of Steel

The City of Steel was a great and terrible sight to behold before the Almighty struck it down with fire and stone. Now, it is naught but a shadowed ruin, and is home to the godless and desperate. No honest folk dare venture into it, or anywhere near it for that matter. But Khindr was no sort of honest folk, and for that reason, and many others, he found himself before what remained of the City of Steel's western gates.

Welcome home, Khindr, you miserable wretch, he thought to himself.

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There's a small fay creature that haunts these parts, it's told. Most think it to be a she, given the soft tinkling sound it makes. No one can say for certain, of course, as no one can say that fay creatures exactly have he's and she's among them. In any case, this fay roams the area at night and most people do naught but wonder at her.

She is a tiny thing, even for a fay. Her's is a blue-pink light that is brighter than any candle, but not as bright as the sun. She's like a star that fell from the sky and is now stuck here on the earth, twinkling still with her brother and sister stars. That's what some have named her; Twinkle.

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Dark God

It's dark in here. At least it's warm. Don't exactly remember how I got in here.

That's okay, I guess. Probably don't have anywhere important to be. Never really did. That's my own fault, of course. Always running from responsibility. Maybe this is my punishment.

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In a land far from here, there is a forest of smoldering trees. The forest floor is covered in a thick blanket of ash and the sky is perpetually clouded with smoke. Nothing lives there save for a lone pygmy. Those who have seen him usually think him the keeper of that forest, but that is not so. In truth, that lone pygmy is waiting, for what or whom, I cannot say exactly, but I can say with absolute certainty that he is waiting for something. How can I be so certain? Why, because I asked him, of course.

Yes, he is waiting, and is completely devoted to his task, for he does quite literally nothing other than sit in the middle of the forest in a posture of meditation. When I initially asked him what he was doing, he didn’t respond at all. It was only after several more attempts that he simply replied with the word “waiting.” When I asked what it was he was waiting for, he didn’t answer, and no matter how many times I asked after that he would not say another word.

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The Phantom Pipe-Player

There once was a pipe-player who traveled from town to town to play for the children there. At every town, the children would gather to listen to him play, and every time the children would go home with tears in their eyes. When their parents would ask them why they were crying, the children would say things like, “It was too pretty” or “I feel so sad because I can’t have it.” When questioned further about what exactly “it” was, the children could never give a straight answer. Some said it was the music, some said it was the pipes, others said it was some thing that was in the latter or the former. Whatever it was that really happened was never found out, and all inquiry to neighboring towns would produce the same story, but never any new information about the pipe-player or his performances for the children. In fact, the strangest bit about the whole thing was that while the adults of each town reported seeing the pipe-player, none had ever heard him play, and stranger still, it seemed that the man had visit

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The Documentor and the Reclamation Officier

I always loved new things. Ever since I was small, I always wanted to see and taste and touch new things that I'd never encountered before. Sometimes this insatiable curiosity got me into some unpleasant situations, but I made it to adulthood with only a few scars and two toes missing. Nowadays, I work as a reclamation officer for the Republic of the North. It's the perfect occupation for me, as my curiosity has never truly died, and exploring new places is the greatest thing in the world to me. I work with a documentor named Pilfry Bogram, who isn't quite as excited about the job as I, but he's a good fellow. Oh, that reminds me, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Finigus Torray, and this is the story of how I conquered the North... in a manner of speaking.

The scene is a particularly stormy night in the Witching Mountains near Tolmaas, or what is left of Tolmaas. I mean, most actual cities are in total ruin now, ever since the Great War. The Republic has managed to get some pretty nice towns set up, b

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Mother of Learning

Zorian, a mage in training, only wanted to finish his education in peace. Now he struggles to find answers as he finds himself repeatedly reliving the same month. 'Groundhog's day' style setup in a fantasy world.

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Unveiling UN-man

Zoe Zane here, reporting for the Weekly Planetoid News Network. There’s a new hero here in Bigopolis, and he’s just apprehended a gang of thugs who may be connected to one of the city’s top crime syndicates. He seemed to appear out of nowhere when the alleged gunmen were making their escape from the First Bigopolis Bank and Trust Company (FiBBATCO).

Moments after this strange visitor showed up, all the stolen cash vanished from the robbers’ hands and then rematerialized inside the vault of the FiBBATCO Building. I’m hoping the new superhero will consent to an interview...Oh, here he is now...Uh, excuse me, sir, are you responsible for the miraculous recovery of the FiBBATCO cash?

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