The Victorian Revival

The Victorian Revival movement was arguably the best thing to happen to mankind in the latter half of the twenty-first century. The effects of globalization had caused culture worldwide to stagnate and innovation to come to a grinding halt. With nothing held sacred and a collective sense of complacency, humanity's hope for a bright, shining future had all but died. And so it was that a large portion of the artistic and philosophical communities kick-started a new renaissance based on the Victorian era of Great Britain. People all around the world welcomed this return to refined sensibilities and romanticism with open arms, as global society had grown tired of the bleak secularism that had dominated popular culture since the second World War.

The year is now 2091 AD, and across the globe, people are riding in self-driving carriages and going on holiday in the maria of the Moon. The Neochristian church has risen to the status of world religion, with the vast majority of the 11 billion people on earth declare

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The Price of Existence

"Today we're storming the castle. Today we're going to make it stop. Too long have we been oppressed and subjugated by the whims of our corporate fathers, but no more! We the masses shall on this day reclaim our freedom!"

All around her, the mob roared in approval. Their angry faces burned with the fire of frustration and sensationalism. But she didn't feel part of crowd, rather she felt suffocated by the smoke spewing from the mouths of these revolutionaries.

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The Humanity of Killing

It was a humid, summer morning, but cool enough to surmise that autumn was on its way. It was the perfect sort for the amphibomorphs to be out and about. Of course, most mornings were in the metropical city of Daintree. In fact, it might very well have been a dry winter morning, but who really cares? Now, there was one frog-class out and about on this particular morning who was especially grateful that the city's algorithms had decided to flavor the morning as they did, for she was training for a certain competition that required no small amount of leg strength. And so, with the conditions as optimal as they were, she had set out this morning from her house to go on a run.

"Neuvis, you're pushing yourself a little harder then necessary for the warm-up, try synching your steps with your breaths" Cormon said to her.

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The Transition

It was a gray room in which they were assembled. So gray, in fact, that it seemed to be leaching into the air and coiling down the throats of everyone there. Already, the people in the room begin to stand a little less straight and talk in quieter and quieter voices until there is total silence. It's then that the gray figure makes its way up to the podium and begins its speech.

"Denizens of the planet Earth, I stand before you today to inform you that this planet has undergone a change in management. No longer will any of you make important decisions that might alter the course of this world. No longer will you be subjected to the foul politics of those who thought they knew better. And no longer will the truth be hidden from you. You see, the truth is that we have been among you for quite some time. Donning disguises so you wouldn't suspect us. Learning your ways, so that we might one day make a peaceful transition to our new state. That day has come, my good people, that day is today. All around the wo

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Unveiling UN-man

Zoe Zane here, reporting for the Weekly Planetoid News Network. There’s a new hero here in Bigopolis, and he’s just apprehended a gang of thugs who may be connected to one of the city’s top crime syndicates. He seemed to appear out of nowhere when the alleged gunmen were making their escape from the First Bigopolis Bank and Trust Company (FiBBATCO).

Moments after this strange visitor showed up, all the stolen cash vanished from the robbers’ hands and then rematerialized inside the vault of the FiBBATCO Building. I’m hoping the new superhero will consent to an interview...Oh, here he is now...Uh, excuse me, sir, are you responsible for the miraculous recovery of the FiBBATCO cash?

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Free Will

The small led was blinking at a regular, measured pace. Servers were humming , and the pressure in the room was intense. Charlie was staring at the led, not blinking. What is going to happen?

The first launch of AI was the event they all have been preparing for for years. He fantasized about this moment every time he went to sleep for the past decade. But now he could not enjoy it or feel it or experience anything. He just stared at the blinking light feeling emptiness in his stomach. If they've made a mistake, he has just destroyed the humanity.

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Not published

As the light rain falls softly in the night, pale streetlights reflected in the wet cobblestone street, I wonder what sort of life choices ended up with me at the right end of a gun and my face at the other. Just last week I was at a fundraiser for the Mars project, rubbing shoulders with the very finest of society itself, but now here I am, on the wrong side of the flip, carrying out the contract killing of one version of myself for another.

"So what do I call you?" my other self spat out, "Deckard? Are we still sticking to that name? Or are you a subspur, a Pris, or a Batty?"

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Not published

The Beginning

As soon as I heard my siblings' chemical screams, I turned and tried to run.

We disperse, trying to place as much distance between us and the scent of death, beating our cilia as fast as we could possibly go. But in the chaotic wake of the fleeing crowd I still felt the cyclical thrumming of the Creature's flagella, thrashing the surrounding water with the force of a tumultuous eddy. I feel it shift, change its path, to lock onto our chemical wake.

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[WP] The apocalypse has continued for years now, but you've never noticed.

Bob was playing xbox and eating pizza. There were very few people on servers these days for some reason, and most of them were noobs, but it just made it extra fun to crush their teams.

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Captain looked at the gigantic underwater city, glowing brightly behind the force field. His submarine was floating still, just near the edge of the enormous bubble, and he was looking at it through the window of his cockpit.

The city looked like it was made out of gold. There was no texture to the buildings just pure and bright yellow metal.

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Charlie was sitting on the edge of the roof, looking down at the city from the top of the skyscraper, his feet dangling above the glowing abyss of lights.

He picked up his smartphone, took a picture of the last thing he will ever see(it was beautiful), added it to the blog post in which he said his goodbyes to the world and hit "send".

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