Ad block

I have been walking down the street, as always, 3 drones started following me the moment I went out of the door, chanting in excited voices "Sexy ladies in your neighborhood!", "Buy our toasters at 25% discount!", "Get a free iPhone absolutely free! All we need is your email, phone, date of birth, number of sexual partners, and a social security number." A few badly animated holograms were flashing right in front of me.

All the buildings were flashing with banner ads, sidewalk under my feet was featuring penis-extension pills and cheapest hosting solutions.

I reached into my pocket and took out an augmented-reality-ad-block. It was a VR-headset with a camera and headphones. It looked more like a helmet, but that's okay, I was planning to upgrade to a new version soon anyway, and it was 1.5% thinner and 0.01 milligrams lighter.

Camera on top of the helmet was spinning, shooting the world 360 degrees around me, and then composing the images together into a 3D model. Machine Learning algorithm was recognizing ads in the video stream, and replacing them with regular buildings/sidewalk textures. Headphones were filtering out the advertisement noises as well, replacing them with normal street sounds.

All of the sudden, a pair of giant breasts appeared in front of me, flying slightly above my head.

"Your trial version of adblock has inspired, to remove the ads please upgrade to the pro version, only $9.999/mo! By the way, do you want to install our iOS app!"

"Awww, crap" I thought to myself.

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