Circle of Life

Penul watched the tree grow. In only a few years it grew twice as tall as him. A few years later, it started producing seeds. Penul decided to come back into focus then. When he was fully corporeal again and he couldn't even perceive the movement of the sun, he walked over to the tree and laid a hand on it. He could feel the tree's life pulse, slow but comfortingly steady. Penul decided that this was a good tree, and so began to gather its seeds. Once he had gathered them all, he trotted off in the direction of the place he'd seen where the humans had cleared a large area of trees. Upon reaching it however, he saw that the humans had built many structures in the clearing they had made. Saddened, Penul went over and put the seeds next to one of the human structures, and unfocused a little. He quickly saw the humans return from wherever they had been and discover the seeds he had left. Instead of planting them, the humans threw them away. Penul was shocked, and not sure what to do, unfocused himself even more. He saw the structures grow and the forest shrink. Soon, many years had passed and the structures could be seen all around, but no trees. Despairing, Penul fully focused and left the world he had once thought he could take care of.

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