Conversation with Priest

[WP] A serial killer and a Priest are having a conversation about God.

"We should never do this again!"

"But she is a godless wench, why are you protecting her?"

"Every human life is sacred, we shouldn't kill anyone anymore!"

"We have burned dozens of witches already, don't you think that it's a little too late to change your mind?"

"I'm no longer sure that what we are doing is right, how a merciful God could want us to do this?"

"Because they are witches! And admit it, it's fun, you like it a little."

"No I don't, how dare you!"

"I am a part of you, I know everything that you think or feel."

"You are lying!"

"Well, here's a thing about talking to yourself - you can't really lie."

In horror, the Priest stepped back from the mirror.

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