Prompt: The flower held its head high, the only life form amongst a sea of radioactive snow.

Nuclear desert stretched out for miles in every direction. In the midst of it there was a lone flower. Despite the horrors of nuclear winter it held it's head high.

It will get better, it thought, it must. I can't be the only life left in this world.

And indeed, after years of loneliness it did get better. At first tiny dots on the horizon, then - full scale human figures, coming closer to the flower.

"What is this?" asked one of the humans, "Why does this flower....."

Before he could finish, the flower, it's head held high, reached out and bit the head off a human.

"Holy shit, what the fuck, this flower has a head! He just killd Johnny! It's chewing his head with it's head!" screamed the other human, taking out his machine gun, and starting to shoot.

The flower spread it's tentacles, and ripped the human apart. Another one threw a grenade at it, but the flower uprooted itself, spread it's insect-like wings, and flew at them, spewing poisonous acid in their faces.....

Feast. Tasty human flesh. Finally. Flower knew things will turn around, flower knew it's fortitude will pay off, and it did.

The flower held it's head high, the only life form amongst a sea of radioactive snow. Standing there alone, waiting for some new life to appear.

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