Hey, everyone! Welcome to our community! I hope that it will become a friendly and supportive place, where we can give and receive useful feedback, help each other to get better at writing, and encourage each other to write more. Let's introduce ourselves! Come over to the comment section and tell us little bit about yourself =)

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Hey rayalez! /wave

Saw this mentioned over the Ycombinator news discussions, figured I'd give it a try. I'm using it right now to help warm up for writing content for work. It's a great site!


Hi! Welcome! Thanks, I'm really glad it's useful =)


Here you ray! I'll give you an upvote!

My newest story is out! I highly wish that you will look at it please.

I'm found this out because of my class, this seems pretty interesting even though sometimes I can go over the limit.


Hi Ray,

I love this site. I always lack of motivation to write everyday and it's pretty easy to find excuse of "oh I don't have any idea what to write". I will try to come to this site everyday and write stories. This site is very easy to navigate and I really like how simple and straigtforward it is. You've followed the "KISS" rule very well on developing this site! :)

Ps: I found this website from Reddit's subtopic /rwriting. Thought you'd like to know.


Hi! Happy to see you here =) Thank you, it's really nice to hear that you like the site, I hope it will be helpful!


My name is Ray Alez, I am the developer of this website.

I'm an aspiring writer, my dream is to learn to write Science Fiction and comedy, and create something as awesome as tv shows Rick and Morty or Community.

Sometimes I write nonfiction as well(mostly it's articles about rationality and startups, occassionally about writing).