Killed by a ghost

Two ghosts in the room stared at each other.

"So, um... yeah, we're both ghosts now. Congratulations, dipshit, you've killed me."

"I did not kill you, dumbass! Do you feel dead? I have set you free! I am sick of people suffering tied to their physical bodies."

"I have enjoyed my body!"

"Really? Did you enjoy your life?"

"Well, um... It was kinda boring... But I've had a fine job as an accountant, and I was about to buy myself that nice watch... Maybe Jennie from the office would finally notice me then..."

"Listen to yourself! This is pathetic. Is that what you've been dreaming since you were a kid?"

"No, but I also wasn't dreaming about being dead."

"You've been dead for 3 minutes, and you have already decided that it sucks?"

"But I..."

"Don't be a buzzkill. Enjoy a moment for one fucking second. It's gotta be a bit easier to do now that you're dead and you have eternity to yourself and basically no worries."

"You're making it sound almost like you did me a favor."

"You bet your ass I did. Now stop being an ungrateful jerk, and let's go fly check out Alpha Centauri. Have you ever watched space from the surface of a star?"

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