What do you think about this website? Feedback, bug reports, and feature suggestions.

Please let me know what you think about this website and what I can do to make it better. Your ideas are very valuable to me, and you can really help to make this place better, to shape the direction it's going in, and make it as awesome as it can be =)

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It's a small thing — but I'm running into writing prompts are NSFW or really not suitable for all ages. It'd be helpful to filter those out so my kids could use the site.


I'd like to save spectacular prompts for later. Also I'd like to not lose prompts when I save the article.

I don't fully understand if Prompt and Goals/Structure are part of the same mode or a different mode. (i think same mode?)

I don't understand Sprint fully.

I think it would be great to have a daily or weekly challenge with the same prompt.. and more incentive to vote. it would be great to get more feedback.

it would be great if you could get feedback from someone if you gave appreciated feedback to 2-3 other people (e.g. receive one feedback for giving out 2-3 feedbacks - optionally anonymously)

more features like that to make this thing more addictive and more of a challenge to actually improve, not just write.

optionally: Pay people to edit your text or give feedback. I sometimes pay editors for my real writing, and it's helped me improve my writing tremendously. At times I've had 5 editors suggest changes to the same document just to learn. I'd gladly throw a few dollars at good feedback.


Hi! Thanks a lot for awesome suggestions!

I am definitely planning to create weekly challenges.

When it comes to feedback - I think there will be more feedback as our community grows, and I'll also think on how to encourage more coversation.

I am also going to improve the about page to make things more clear.

Regarding paying for feedback - right now I'm not planning to implement this, unless many users will really want this to happen.

I will probably implement the other features you've suggested, though they're a bit further down on my todo list.


I discovered this site and love it. Not sure how many hacker/writers there are out there, but I'll dive right in nonetheless. I have some feedback but I wanted to bring up that I agree with enki in terms of features and have a similar confusion between prompts, goal/structure, etc? Bit more docs on the intent would be helpful. Also like the give feedback get feedback idea, it encourages participation in the community.

otherwise, thanks Ray for making an awesome site!


Thank you! I will definitely write good documentation(maybe in a form of tutorials/articles that will help people to get started with writing). I'll work on other suggestions as well!


Hi, this is a great concept! I think there can be some UI enhancements on the 'sprint' page. I wasn't really sure what checking the 4 boxes on the top would do. Also realized it quite late that I had to click on the 'sprint' button to start it. So, a 'help' page which walks a new user through the features and how to use them might be helpful.


Thanks! Yes, I'm working on a good help page, it will be done soon!


Definitely an awesome site you have here. Helpful when you're trying to reach a daily word count. Wish there was a spellcheck function (my spelling can be dreadful), but I can understand how that can be hard to impliment.


Thank you!

I'll think about the spellcheck, maybe I will add it.


I love the sprint feature! This is such a great tool for practicing writing without thinking too much, and forcing a story out rather than trying to pick the perfect word. I think the feature would work better if hitting "backspace" didn't progress the sprint meter. It is habitual for me to spam backspace when I make a mistake, but that is something that I want to work on. If there was an option to make backspace penalize you by subtracting more of the meter, or even just not progressing the bar, it would help train me not to edit as I go. It would be a lot like typing on a typewriter.

Does anyone else think this would be useful?


Hi! It's an interesting suggestion, that makes sense. I'll experiment with it, if it works well I'll add it to the site)


The Sprint Streak is particularly awesome, it gives me time to type and not to think. I feel like the wordsd are pooring out of my life.


Awesome! I've checked out your stories, they are great!