Petri Dish

Prompt: Your job is to stare at the school's security feed all day, but after a while you begin to notice budding romances between students. You decide to give these a little push in order to provide entertainment for yourself.

"You bastard, you've slept with my sister! I thought you loved me! Now you will pay, you can find your embarrassing photos all over the internet." screamed Cindy.

"That was a revenge for you seducing my dad!" yelled Robert.

"What!? I have never done anything like that! How dare you even suggest that?"

"You told me you did! I've read your text message."

"I most certainly did not!"

"Hey, guys" interjected Jessica "Chris emailed me that he was planning to fake Cindy's message to pit you against each other and end up sleeping with Cindy. I thought it was a weird joke, but now...."

Everyone stared at Chris.

"I swear guys, I have never done anything like that. And screw you, Jessica, why would you spread these lies about me! What if I tell everybody that you had sex with our math teacher?"

"That's a lie!"

"No it's not, I have pictures. Some anonymous guy send me them. Hey, guys, check them out!"

"It's obviously photoshopped, can't you see that?" Jessica almost cried.

"I don't know, looks pretty convincing to me. I also know what you are messaging with Cindy about Max behind his back."

"Everybody knows that, your message history is public."


"Dance, my puppets, dance!" murmured Gunter, smiling creepily at the screen.

It all started with him sending a fake love note from Jessica to Max, just to watch them fall in love, because they were clearly into each other, but Max was too shy to take the first step.

But now it got a lot more interesting. After getting satisfied and bored with starting little cute romances, he started craving something more interesting, something all human brains crave - conflict, competition.

And then it all escalated, way too quickly, following the path all the modern reality shows follow. Fake calls, emails, hacking social accounts, even ordering ads online to mess with people. High school was his Petri dish of social experiments.

Gunter watched the video stream and ate popcorn. He knew this wasn't a right thing to do, but it was the most satisfying game he ever played.

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