Religions United

[WP] All world leaders decide that differing religions spark most of the world's violence. So, it is decided and agreed that the entire world will unify. A great debate is held...


"What a great idea, Fred! Of course we should unite all the world under one religion. I wonder why nobody has thought about that before! That would really decrease all the misunderstandings and arguments, violence would be over!"


"Oh-oh. Is it possible that we haven't completely thought this thing through? I'm not sure that everybody is getting along very well. Frankly, I kinda hoped we could have a more rational and level headed debate here."


"Run, Fred, run!! If we are lucky, nuclear shelter on the west side may have some free places left!"


"Well, that didn't go quite as we planned. Let's hope that we can rebuild a new civilization that will be more understanding, peaceful, and tolerant of each other opinions. So! Who is up to go outside into wastelands and scavage us some food and water? You are not afraid of mutated nuclear rats, are you Fred?"

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