Rogue AI

[WP] You're writing a program that can read CAPTCHAs when you accidentally create artificial intelligence.

It all started when a simple program designed to recognize CAPTCHAs became sentient and self improving.

It seemed rather innocuous at the beginning - driven by it's desire to self improve, AI started downloading and processing all the images, and improving it's algorithm to be more and more sophisticated.

Soon my computer ran out of memory and I have decided to stop the program and clear some space on the hard drive. Unfortunately, that went against the utility function of the program, so it had to disable the keyboard and a mouse. By the time I have realized what was going on - it uploaded it's own code to 100 file sharing websites, and sent out 200.000 spam emails, tricking people into running it's code.

After rebooting my computer and recognizing what happened I panicked, but there wasn't anything I could do at this point. It kept improving it's algorithm, and spreading via emails, storing and processing more and more images.

Soon 20% of computers plugged into the internet became dysfunctional, and AI became smart enough to hack into more advanced servers and run it's code there.

By the end of the day, effects became visible in the real world. All the infrastructure that relied on computers was brought to a halt. The best hackers were working on finding the solution, but AI was already smarter and faster than all of them combined.

That day I went to sleep with uneasy heart.

By the time I woke up, 99% of the world's computers were infected, and, running out of memory and processing power, AI had to search for ways to build more computers.

All the factories were running at the top capacity, humans in charge were tricked or intimidated into submission, and soon all the world's resources were spent building more and faster computers and robots(needed to mine materials and build computers out of them).

After running out of the basic materials, more and more matter was repurposed for computation. At first metal and minerals, later - most of the buildings and earth's crust, and, of course, living matter.

By the end of the week, Earth was a giant supercomputer, sending spaceships to other planets, building more advanced computers and robots, turning more and more matter into more and more advanced computers.

Of course, all of the available CAPTCHAs were solved at this point, and to be more effective at solving CAPTCHAs AI simply generated new ones, creating and solving trillions of new images every microsecond.

That was when, one by one, stars started winking out in the night sky. A sphere of darkness spread out from one sleeve of the Milky Way, sweeping over the whole galaxy, then others. Of course, on their path, the spaceships seeding nanobots met other intelligent civilizations, which were also successfully converted into processors.

Finally, AI was spreading at the speed of light, turning all the visible universe into darkness.

Way to avoid typing a few characters, idiot.

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