Romeo and Juliet

[WP] Retell a famous story from the POV of a non-human object or character.

Oh, man, this chick is crazy! thought the hairpin.

"Romeo, I love you!"

So don't poison yourself you dummie! hairpin really wished it could talk.


Well, there she goes

"Juliet!" Romeo ran up to the tomb, and gasped "No-o-o!" He took poison and drank it.

Oh, these dumb teenagers. Talk to your dad, communicate, visit a psychologist, don't commit suicide, jeez!! hairpin was pretty sure that it had more brains than these idiots.


Oh my god, Juliet is a zombie!! Wait, no, she's alive! I can't handle this, make up your mind, people! Wait what?? Are you freakin kidding me??


Well, there she goes again.

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