The wizards said her soul was connected to a star that could only be seen from the south pole. Having finally arrived there, after months of travel, she felt a sense of peace she couldn't quite explain. Stepping out of the boat and onto the freshly fallen snow, she took a deep breath through the nose, savoring the feeling of the chill air in her lungs. She turned with a smile and gave the sailor who rowed her ashore a wave, and he in turn gave her a nod of farewell. She was determined to reach the summit of the nearest mountain by nightfall, but quickly realized that would be quite impossible.

Undaunted, she pressed on each day making her way up slowly but surely, until she finally arrived at the peak. There, she felt it appropriate to assume a posture of meditation. Upon closing her eyes, she saw something few mortals have ever seen. Spread out before her was a great spiraling pool of stars. She could sense her physical presence in a particular spot in the pool, as well as others like her, some in the same place and some in different places in the pool. She mentally reached out to one of the others like her in the same spot as hers. The other sensed her and began to speak to her.

"Ah, it would seem we have a new Warden of the South. Welcome, newcomer, what would you like to be called?"

"Oh, called...?" she had never been called anything other than her given name, but she had never felt it her actual name. "Seeker. That's what I would like to be called" she decided.

"Welcome, Seeker. I am Watcher, Warden of the East. Allow me to introduce you to Writer and Healer, our Wardens of the West and North, respectively."

"Greetings" said Writer.

"Nice to meet you" said Healer.

"Nice to meet you as well" Seeker said.

"Excellent, now that you have been introduced, there is much to tell about the position you have been chosen for" said Watcher.

"Chosen?" asked Seeker.

"Yes, chosen. You were chosen when you were born, which must have been shortly after our last Warden of the South, Wanderer, died" Watcher explained.

"Oh... I guess I always knew I was different."

"Did the Sages of the Bright Temple not visit you sometime in your life?" inquired Writer.

"Well yes, the wizards told me about how my soul was linked to a star in the south..."

"Did they not tell you anything else?" Watcher asked, concern in his voice.

"Well, they mentioned some other things, but I didn't really understand."

"Seeker, were you not taught ever about the Wardens of the Sky?" asked Healer.

"No... is that what we are, the Wardens of the Sky?" Seeker asked, confused.

A tense silence followed her question, making her feel as if she had said something wrong.

"Did I say something--" she began.

"No Seeker, you have not said anything wrong, just... a bit disturbing" Watcher said.

"Disturbing? Why-- what was..."

"It is disturbing to learn that teachings of the Wardens and what they do for mankind have become foreign to the ears of even a few. Tell us, Seeker, how small was the village in which you lived?" Writer asked.

"Oh, I didn't live in a village. I lived in Eskemar, one of the largest cities in the kingdom of Angkor."

Another tense silence.

"What is the matter?" Seeker asked, thoroughly puzzled now.

"This is worse than we thought. Much worse" Writer said, seemingly more to himself than anyone else.

"Could it really have gotten this bad?" asked Healer.

"Seeker... had you even heard of the Sages of the Bright Temple before they came to you?" Watcher asked.

"Well, yes, but I didn't know they were called that. People always just called them the wizards."

"So... the Celestial Canon is not preached in great cities even?" Watcher asked in a strange tone.

"The celestial cannon? Oh, you mean when the wizards shoot at people?"

"Shoot people?" Writer asked, aghast.

"Well, not actually shoot people, that's just what people call it when the wizards are shouting about that celestial cannon."

"My word... has the whole world forsaken the Canon and left the Bright Temple to rot?" Writer said seemingly to himself again.

"The Sages have not abandoned us! Let us be grateful for that" Healer said.

"No, yes... Let's be grateful for a few old men who apparently lost the ability to communicate with both us and the rest of the world!" Writer said, bordering on hysteria.

"My fellow Wardens, let us not lose our heads!" Watcher said firmly. "Seeker has confirmed our suspicions, yes, but we must now act upon the information, not break down in distress."

"What is wrong?" Seeker asked, exasperated.

"Seeker, based off of what you have told us, it is safe to assume that the Wardens and their role in the protection of the human race and the galaxy in which it was born has faded in the minds of many. The Celestial Canon, which details the this role and the role of those faithful, has been reduced to the ravings of some petty wizards who themselves do not fully understand what it says. In other words, we have been forgotten, and our effectiveness in keeping the world safe is compromised. If a threat to our world were to arise today, I fear we would not be strong enough to face it. Unless we can do something about this situation... our world is doomed" said Watcher, Warden of the East.

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