The Crows of Old Nornon

"You may ask two questions" the crows say in unison. "One answer for each ear."

"Very well. My first question is; what is the password to the Blood Sons' compound?" asks the man in the hood and cloak.

"The password is 'the river flows east'" the crows reply.

"My next question is; where in their compound are the Blood Sons keeping my brother?"

"He is being kept in the cell at the end of the hall on the bottom level."

"These answers will help greatly, I thank you, Crows of Old Nornon."

The Crows of Old Nornon nod their heads in reply and take wing into the night, melting into the darkness. The hooded man gets up from his position of kneeling before the stone alter and turns to leave. He pauses at the sight of a figure shrouded in the shadows of the ruined building facing his direction.

"Show yourself!" the hooded man shouts at the shadowed figure.

"Darron, it's me" the figure says, stepping into the moonlight and revealing herself to be Darron's sister, Shirin.

"Shirin... I told you not to come" Darron said.

"You know I couldn't help it" she replies.

"You should not have done this. Now the shadows have hold of us both."

"I am not afraid. I swore I would help you rescue Gerth no matter the cost."

"You needn't have stained yourself as I. You have could have been spared at least this..."

Shirin steps toward her brother, showing him the determination in her eyes.

"For better or worse, we're in this together, and I know that I for one will not rest until our brother is freed from those freaks. Now, are you coming along or not?" she asks.

"Of course I am. Let us be going then."

Side by side, the brother and sister pair walk out of the ruins and into the night. From the back, their forms seem to shift and ripple. A lone crow watches as they disappear into the woods that surround the crumbling structure that was once a place of terrible sorcery, now home only to this single crow, which now flies off toward another ruin where it and its kin have been summoned to answers more questions.

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