The Humanity of Killing

It was a humid, summer morning, but cool enough to surmise that autumn was on its way. It was the perfect sort for the amphibomorphs to be out and about. Of course, most mornings were in the metropical city of Daintree. In fact, it might very well have been a dry winter morning, but who really cares? Now, there was one frog-class out and about on this particular morning who was especially grateful that the city's algorithms had decided to flavor the morning as they did, for she was training for a certain competition that required no small amount of leg strength. And so, with the conditions as optimal as they were, she had set out this morning from her house to go on a run.

"Neuvis, you're pushing yourself a little harder then necessary for the warm-up, try synching your steps with your breaths" Cormon said to her.

"I know, I just don't want this morning to go to waste!"

"It'll go to waste if you overwork yourself and receive less than the maximum benefit from this primitive form of exercise" he replied curtly.

"Cormon, I don't really think insulting my choice of exercise is going to help me get the 'maximum benefit' from this, now is it?"

"Hmmm, yes, I suppose you're right. I just can't understand why you would choose to do something so counter-intuitive as running when there are multiple better options for you to choose from."

"Well then, call me old-fashioned, but I like running. It's so much more exciting then electronic muscle stimulation or stretch therapy" she scoffed in reply.

"So you like expending energy to achieve less than you could more than winning?"

"It's not about winning, Cormon. It's about the experience."

"So you're fine with losing?"

"Do you want me to turn you off?"


Neuvis didn't really want to hear what the program had to say anyway, and so continued on in silence. She just wanted to run and feel the air blow across her skin and her heart pounding in her chest. She really was an old-fashioned frog-class, and enjoyed doing things that most amphibomorphs would consider a waste of time. It truly was a perfect morning, Neuvis wasn't about to let the opinions of some health implant ruin it. She put on some energizing music and redoubled her pace. The sights of Daintree always gave her a sense of vibrancy and life, with all its bright colors interspersed among the green of the residential floraplexes. There was always a stream flowing in sight, bringing wondrous smells of flowers and aromatic oils. Sometimes it was all a little overwhelming for her, but no place was perfect, right?

"Hey! what the heck did you pause my music for?"

"I'm sorry miss Telo, but there is a urgent message I just received for you. I am afraid it is a matter of life and death" Comas stated.

"What? Who..."

"Unknown, miss. The message was delivered via a rouge program. I would suggest you view it immediately."

"Ok... wait, it isn't an audio?"

"No, miss. The message is in text format. I can read it--"

"Yes, I know you can read, Comas. Just... just read it then!"

"Very well, the message reads as follows: Within the next hour you will be dead. Do not contact authorities or it will be sooner. You have until noon to make your final preparations. It is suggested that you draft a will. Again, do not contact authorities if you want to have this time to make your final arrangements."

Neuvis could do nothing but stand there, frozen for a solid minute. The news was obviously shocking, to say the least.

"Miss Telo, I would conta--"

"Cyman, do you still have that modded anti-malware subprogram?"

"I have managed to keep it hidden from corporate sweeps, so yes."

"Can you activate the 'Judgement' protocol without alerting a monitor bot?"

"I believe so."

"Do it. Target the rouge program that delivered that message."

"As you wish."

It is impossible to know, especially now-a-days, who is right and who is wrong. It's equally impossible to understand just why we need there to be a right and a wrong way of doing things, but you know, it just seems right.

"Protocol Judegment has been successfully activated without alerting monitors. Targeting unknown rouge program. Firing."

Yes... It just feels so right. As they used to say, way back when, an eye for an eye.

"Successful hit. Target has been judged."

"Good..." she said in a shaky voice.

Of course, they also say an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

"Miss Telo, I just received another text message from another rouge program."


"It reads: Big mistake."

Just then, a small object, traveling at extremely high velocity entered Neuvis's head. Her brain stopped functioning and she died. Now that was an old-fashioned end for an old-fashioned frog-class. How... fitting.

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