The Price of Existence

"Today we're storming the castle. Today we're going to make it stop. Too long have we been oppressed and subjugated by the whims of our corporate fathers, but no more! We the masses shall on this day reclaim our freedom!"

All around her, the mob roared in approval. Their angry faces burned with the fire of frustration and sensationalism. But she didn't feel part of crowd, rather she felt suffocated by the smoke spewing from the mouths of these revolutionaries.

Just then there was a explosion quickly followed by shouts and screams. She grew frightened and began pushing against the bodies flowing toward the fire.

More explosions and the sound of gunfire clashed with more shouts and the metallic sounds of make-shift weapons. She hid herself behind a stack of crates filled with war and hatred. It was all around her, and she felt she could do nothing to escape.

After a short while it went silent. When she peaked her head out, there was the barrel of a gun waiting for her. They dragged her to a place beside the others who had hid, and forced her on her knees.

"I'm sorry... I didn't want... Please--"

"It doesn't matter. You were always destined to die. So just stop."

The sound of a gun firing, and then nothing.

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