The River and the Sea

There once was a river that began in the mountains. At first, the river was no more than a trickle coming off the mountain snow. Soon, the little trickle met other trickles and together they formed a little stream. The stream started making its way down the mountain, meeting other streams along the way. By the time they got down the mountain, they had become a creek. The creek made its way through the foothills at the base of the mountain, meeting there other creeks. After traveling together for some time, they formed a veritable river and the river ran proud and free away from the mountain where it was born. Smaller rivers joined the now great river, and soon the river was as wide as a valley and as mighty and as storm. The mighty river surged forward, knowing that nothing could stop it now. Then the mighty river met the sea, and the sea swallowed it whole. And the proud river was no more.

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