The Transition

It was a gray room in which they were assembled. So gray, in fact, that it seemed to be leaching into the air and coiling down the throats of everyone there. Already, the people in the room begin to stand a little less straight and talk in quieter and quieter voices until there is total silence. It's then that the gray figure makes its way up to the podium and begins its speech.

"Denizens of the planet Earth, I stand before you today to inform you that this planet has undergone a change in management. No longer will any of you make important decisions that might alter the course of this world. No longer will you be subjected to the foul politics of those who thought they knew better. And no longer will the truth be hidden from you. You see, the truth is that we have been among you for quite some time. Donning disguises so you wouldn't suspect us. Learning your ways, so that we might one day make a peaceful transition to our new state. That day has come, my good people, that day is today. All around the world, people are being gathered in places just like this to be informed of the same thing. I want you to know that there has not been a single death today, not one drop of blood has been shed. We do not plan for that change, ever. We want as much for the world to be taken care of as for its people as well. It is our hope that one day you shall become one of us, in a manner of speaking. Hopefully, in all our lifetimes, we might see a grand uplifting of culture, science, ideology, and education. We aspire to make this world a better place to live. We intend to make this planet a shining beacon of civilization and prosperity. We promise to you, the ones that voted us into office, albeit under false pretenses, that we will lead you into a better and brighter future. You need not be afraid, for we mean you no harm. As one of your past leaders once said: The only thing we have left to fear is fear itself. Thank you all for you patience and cooperation. Here's to a glorious future, where man and his fellow sentient beings might come together in a grand galactic community. May the transition be swift and painless. Long life and prosperity to you all."

And with that, the gray figure steps down from the podium and out the door just behind it. No one really says anything, for no one really has anything to say. It's just the sensible thing to do. The gray one hadn't said anything that might rile up anyone's emotions. In fact, it had made a very lukewarm sort of appeal to reason. Its whole speech was this gray fog that was released over the people and then breathed in through the lungs and pumped into the brain by the heart. I almost believed it, almost believed that everything was going to be just fine and we all had a great future ahead. The only thing that kept me and many others from fully buying in, was that insidious gray that had infected the human race, culling our minds and turning us into little more than machines.

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