The Writer

Well, he had done it. He had finished his first short story and was seconds away from posting it on Tumblr. He moved his curser down to the lower right hand corner of the white box he had opened to pen his first post. The tiny black arrow transformed to a small white glove as it glided over the blue, “Post,” button. By pressing down he would change his life forever. He would no longer be an unemployed college graduate, no, he would become a writer. He feared that his new career as a master of the written word would take time away from his other responsibilities.

How would he find the time to come up with new material as a part time Twitter comedian?

How would he find the drive and inspiration he needed to continue his work as an Instagram photographer?

But most of all, how could he possibly preach on Facebook if he no longer had the passion to do so after working such long hours as a Tumblr author?

It was a risk he was willing to take because he knew the world needed to read his stories. With a rush of excitement and positivity he pressed down hard and made his first post, entitled, “The Writer.” And now, he thought, we wait for the likes and follows to come.

He picked up his phone and dialed his mother. “Mom, its me, I’ve done it. I am a writer.”

“Thats nice, honey,” his mother replied.

Yeah, he thought, it was.

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