I sneak through the darkest, most dangerous neighborhood of Detroit. I'm close to the headquarters of the most dangerous criminal gang here. These people are mafia, the most ruthless cold blooded murderers I am aware of. I've never had this opportunity before, but now I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to succeed.

Here's a good sign - the door into the building is wide open, and the guards are gone. Huh, this is working better than I have expected, looks like the other guy is making some progress too.

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Time Travel Photographer

"Oh, maan, Hitler looks atrocious here!" said Cindy, looking at the old photograph. "That's horrible! This photo is like the worst thing that ever happened in the history of humanity! I must correct it."

A flash of light lit up the room, and Cindy has disappeared.

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Free Will

The small led was blinking at a regular, measured pace. Servers were humming , and the pressure in the room was intense. Charlie was staring at the led, not blinking. What is going to happen?

The first launch of AI was the event they all have been preparing for for years. He fantasized about this moment every time he went to sleep for the past decade. But now he could not enjoy it or feel it or experience anything. He just stared at the blinking light feeling emptiness in his stomach. If they've made a mistake, he has just destroyed the humanity.

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The Puberty

Rick, the young mage, was sitting in his class, trying to concentrate. Unfortunately, his aura was making it hard to concentrate - it felt all icky and itchy. He knew that it was normal, but that didn't make it any less frustrating.

"Rick... Rick!" yelled the professor, trying to get his attention. But because it was completely occupied with the bright pink energy stream surrounding Jessica, so Rick did not hear the question. "Um, sorry, what?"

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The Escape

Dan, Erin, and Jeff have ran out of prison. Bilbo Bob, the nice prison guard has opened their cell door in exchange for a favor(. Now they were outside, and the sirens were wailing. Jeff stood gaping at the giant wall in front of him, mouth ajar. “Is this a prison or a fucking Westeros?” he muttered.

Dan caught up with him, swearing under his breath. “Dammit!” he said “For once I hoped that a simple job of returning a sheep to the village would work without any complications.”

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