[WP] The apocalypse has continued for years now, but you've never noticed.

Bob was playing xbox and eating pizza. There were very few people on servers these days for some reason, and most of them were noobs, but it just made it extra fun to crush their teams.

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Charlie was sitting on the edge of the roof, looking down at the city from the top of the skyscraper, his feet dangling above the glowing abyss of lights.

He picked up his smartphone, took a picture of the last thing he will ever see(it was beautiful), added it to the blog post in which he said his goodbyes to the world and hit "send".

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Captain looked at the gigantic underwater city, glowing brightly behind the force field. His submarine was floating still, just near the edge of the enormous bubble, and he was looking at it through the window of his cockpit.

The city looked like it was made out of gold. There was no texture to the buildings just pure and bright yellow metal.

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Drug Lord

Prompt: You're the biggest drug lord the world has ever seen. The angel of death visits you on your deathbed and allows you to plea your case as to why you deserve to get into heaven.

I have made a lot of money by helping people to exercise their freedom to do whatever they wanted. Old fat douchebags in the government were trying to dictate people what they can and can not do with their bodies, with their oives, and I have rebelled against that and gave that choice back to people.

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Modern Day Robin Hood

Propmt: In modern day America, you lead a group of criminals who steal from the 1% by any means necessary, to give to the people who need money the most. You are the hood, and this is the story of The Merry Men.

Elon Musk, Mark Zukerberg, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Warren Buffett, countless people who's names you don't know, people who run oil companies and banks, who create everything from cars to cereal boxes, who control the industry, are in my power. All fallen to our attacks.

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Prompt: At age 18, you are able to trade in a percentage of your physical beauty for an equivalent amount of intelligence, or vice versa.

"Oh, my god, this is the dream come true!" I exclaimed, when I first heard about it.

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Accident X

Prompt: Your job involves computers and you work nights. One night you are dozing off but every 5 minutes you reach up and tap a random key on the keyboard without looking to keep your computer from going to sleep. Half through one shift, you look up and see you've done something terrible.

I felt desperately bored in this mind-numbing job. I just had to sit here all night and monitor cameras.

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Dream World

Propmt: While in a dream, you find yourself in the Dream Hub, a place where dreamers can meet.

I woke up and called David. "Hey, man, sorry for calling at 4 AM, and I know it's going to sound weird, but... 3-17-orange-duck. Do you have anything to say to that?"

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Prompt: You have just created an intelligent civilization and universe with a highly innovative simulation. You are praised throughout the world as a hero, but there is one problem. Your simulation thinks that they created you.

I have created a world. Mainframe in our company has simulated every atom in the universe starting from the big bang, and now here we are. I look at the rendering of the world, and see myself staring at the rendering of the world I have created.

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[WP] You are a scavenger who has lived your entire life in a post apocalyptic wasteland. One day, you stumble onto a bunker and open it. Inside is a friendly looking old woman, who adjusts her reading glasses, brushes the dust off her apron, and says "Oh? Is it safe to go out on the surface now?"

I have been traveling these deserts alone for many decades. During all this time I didn't meet a soul. That was why I was shocked to find a 80-year-old lady sitting in a bunker.

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Zombie Apocalypse

[WP] a zombie apocalypse occurs, the weak and inadequate are killed, but 500 years later the natural selection of the apocalypse leaves only the strongest and brightest to breed and rebuild. Everyone is the best of the best.

"Welcome everyone to the 500 anniversary of a zombie apocalypse celebration party! Today we celebrate the biggest tragedy in the history of humanity, that has also turned out to be our greatest fortune. Just in 28 days all of the humanity's problems were solved. Global warming, starvation, lack of energy and resources, all wars and conflicts. All thanks to the unnamed hero, the mad biohacker, who, using his home-grown, genetically modified virus, did what the rest of our ancestors never had the balls to do - wipe out 98% of living humans.

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Golden Retreivers

[WP] Reincarnation exists, and as it turns out, our notions of God(s) are actually our half remembered recollections of human beings from when we were reincarnated as animals

I used to be a golden retreiver, I remember now. I realized that about myself when I took LSD. I remember my human, Dave, he always knew what is right and gave meaning to my life. He could perform miracles such as creating food out of nothing, creating light in the whole room, and controlling the metal beasts.

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