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Chapter XXXVII: Found

Time after revelation: 4400 minutes

I awoke slowly, mind still fuzzy from whatever it was had happened in thatroom. I took a few moments to take stock of my surroundings. As far as I couldtell, I was in the medical room, and someone had clearly taken the time to setme up in the bed comfortably. That, at least, suggested that it wasn’tMonoku



Chapter XXXVI: Broken

POV: Naegi

Time since revelation: 2800 minutes

I stood up from the now silvery table in the chem lab, rolling my shoulders afew times to get the kinks out of them. After a good many failures andscrewups, a few of which manifested themselves in the chemical burns which nowlined my arms and hands, I had before me a set of 6 vials, each con



Chapter XXXV: Stricken

2130 minutes after Revelation

At 7 am the next morning, Kirigiri and I left the room, each splitting off toperform our final preparations. Having emptied my backpack the night before, Iwas already prepared to pick up the tools I’d need. And so, about half an hourlater, I found myself in the art room, loading a buzzsaw into my bag, whens



Chapter XXXIV: Finalized

1040 minutes after revelation

Wiping the sweat off of my brow, I backed away from the table in the chem lab,satisfied. On the table lay a large section of drywall, with a smoking hole inthe center. However, the table underneath the drywall lay untouched. I steppedback towards the table, and briefly poked the smoking area with a small



Chapter XXXIII: Revisited:

Indeterminate time in between 150 and 720 minutes after revelation

Gradually, my sleep transformed into a kind of quasi-wakefulness, and imagesflew past my mind’s eye, some which I recognized and others which I did not.Suddenly, one flew into focus: the image of Enoshima talking to someone whichhad prompted my first memorial relapse



Chapter XXXI: Explained

Time since Revelation: 90 minutes

I walked inside the room and sat down on the bed next to Kirigiri.

“What is it?” I asked concernedly. Something looked off about her expression.

“Are you considering Alter Ego’s offer, Naegi?” As she asked, she fixed mewith a piercing gaze.

I shrugged.

“I must admit I am. If he is friendly to our aim



Arc IV: Even the brightest lights…

Chapter XXXI: Examined

Time since Revelation: 36 minutes

I stalked out of the changing room, jaw set into a cold, unchanging expressionas I attempted to push out the growing horror which threatened to overwhelmme. After Alter Ego had given us his ultimatum, his face vanished, replaced bya text box with two slots for password



Chapter XXX: Revelation: (Single quotes indicate memory)

Trigger warning: Execution at the beginning of the chapter. Skip to Monokuma’sthird piece of dialogue to avoid it.

I stood, gaping, as Ishimaru was yanked behind the wall of the class trialroom. Who could he have been referring to when he mentioned his ‘brother’? Mymind began racing through possibilities



Chapter XXIX: Law

The students filed into the trial room, each taking their seats around thetable. Oogami placed Fukawa’s unconscious body down in a seat before moving toher own. Once everyone had sat down, I began to speak.

“As far as I can tell, we have three major suspects: Celeste,Genocider/Fukawa, and Ishimaru. However, we can eliminate one of those prettyeasil



Chapter XXVIII: Witness:

Ishimaru nodded and began to speak in a subdued tone.

“After you gave me my instructions, I went and found Oogami. She and I thenapproached Fukawa, who seemed relatively docile. However, once we beganseparating her from the other students, she began fighting back. With Oogami’shelp, I bound her wrists, and she ceased struggling after that



Chapter XXVII: Crime

I froze, heart pounding. After a few seconds, when the gravity of what hadjust happened hit me, I leapt for the door, fear subsumed over need foraction. I slammed open the cafeteria door, and saw Asahina, Fujisaki, andCelestia speaking outside. They looked up as I approached.

“I presume you heard Monokuma’s message as well, Naegi?” Celestia ask



Chapter XXVI: Vigil

A/N: Square brackets and a text style switch indicate that another characterhas written something on a document.

I stood up immediately, moving towards Fujisaki. Based on Kirigiri’sexpression, it didn’t look like this development was good. As I approachedFujisaki, he looked up from the paper he had been poring over, and his handsceased the fran



Chapter XXV: Payment

While those ominous words still rang in our ears, Monokuma dropped behind thepodium. I immediately rushed to the stand. When I checked behind it, I foundMonokuma’s inactive body directly underneath it in a small compartment. Thatexplained how he managed to get there without our notice, as well as bringinga few other interesting facts to my at



Chapter XXIV: Intelligence

I began pulling out folders, searching until I found a cluster marked with thewords “Intelligence Folio: volumes 1-10: Interrogation summaries”, which Ipromptly removed. I took out the 6th and 7th volumes, handing the remainder toKirigiri.

“The information I need should be in these two volumes, but feel free to checkthrough the re



Chapter XXIII: Network

I entered the changing room, Fujisaki close behind. Kirigiri looked up brieflyfrom her spot near the computer, nodding as she saw who had entered. I satnear the computer, and turned to Fujisaki.

“So, why did you want to know where I got this code?”

“Because I recognize the style. I-it almost looks like s-something I couldhave written, exce


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