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Philip Zimbardo

St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries, First Floor, Creature-Induced Injuries. An entire makeshift sector for Petrification victims hadbeen set up there months ago, when it had occurred to the healers that keepingthe victims anywhere near Hogwarts was asking for an attack. It was mid-June,and the Potions of Reanimation had been completed.


Dangerous Knowledge

How exxactly do you intend to do that?” said Ginny, trying to soundresolute and confident. She came off as timid and feeble instead, and she knewit.

“_Well, my firsst thought wass very sstrange. I initially conssidered that,ssince I exxpect to posssesss power to ssimulate exxperiencces, I couldprecommit to creating many sslightly different ssimulat



Soon, Ginny was in the Corridor of Recordings, and she was spoken to by built-in specks in a way she recognized – not from one occasion but from dozens.

Primary heir! Identify yoursself in human wordss, and confirm in ssnakewordss, using no more or lesss than the preccisse phrasse ‘thiss iss valididentification with which I do not intend any decceit’.”

“Ginny. We


Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, II

Down, down, down Ginny fell, sufficiently slowed that it only felt as thoughthere were a light breeze blowing upwards. She held her robes down; besidesher plunged a stream of Amortentia rivaling the mightiest waterfalls inheight. Curiouser and curiouser. Where would you even get that muchAmortentia? The mere premise of a fountain of


Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, I

Wait a minute, thought Ginny. What? She hadn’t expected Draco to be thefinal victim at all; if anything, he was the only person she’d ruled out. Theattacks had all been arranged by Voldemort; these last three weeks in advance.And Voldemort’s plan, according to the Basilisk, who had read his mind, was topermanently occupy Draco’s



As was expected, Luna Lovegood was cleared of all charges leveled against her,and her framing was added to the list of the true culprit’s crimes.Unexpectedly, though, Luna Lovegood did not return to Hogwarts; she was givenan individualized break from coursework and added to the same summer schoolmakeup plan the Petrification victims were on. Hogwarts staff descri


Occam's Razor, Part 4

On one end of the table, Ginny Weasley. On the other, Draco Malfoy. Betweenthem, Tom Morfin Riddle – who was not permitted to participate in thediscussion. Ginny and Draco were both wearing the sort of fine gloves thatonly Malfoy money could easily buy – though magically reinforced fordurability.

“So, I am not under suspicion from the administration


Occam's Razor, Part 3

Ginny requested a meeting with the Headmistress within an hour, and quicklyattempted to organize her thoughts. She did not succeed.

“Headmistress,” said Ginny, finally, “with all due respect – it’s about Luna.I don’t think she’s actually the one behind it all. It just doesn’t seemright.” McGonagall nodded, though Ginny didn’t quite notice. “I’ve been


Occam's Razor, Part 2

“Draco, we need to go out and find out what happened,” said Ginny. “Find everyclue we can.”

“Clues?” said Draco. “Ginny, this isn’t a Necronomicon Grey story. We’re notRavenclaws using our vast command of trivia to solve a mystery that’s actuallyjust a half-baked riddle. We’re children in a war zone who just heard thatsomeone was murdered. Temporari


Occam's Razor, Part 1

_ It moved._

It’s probably not physically possible. It wasn’t physically possible, itcouldn’t possibly be physically possible. And yet Ginny could feel, like inthe story about The Princess And The Doxy Egg, that there were less thingsunder her bed than there were supposed to be. And like in that fable, shewould soon be set upon by doxies – or worse.


Pax Romana

Ginny had already recovered from her shock – many months ago, actually (that’sthe thing about being Obliviated; to some degree you can get used to a stateof affairs you don’t even know about). So, rather than panicking, she made apremeditated decision not to take any further action. She didn’t bring Tim tothe attention of the Headmistress, Harry, Hermione, or a


Amorphous Confusion

Every human being, rationalist or not, has a reservoir in their brain wheredisbelief is suspended. If too much disbelief flows into that reservoir tooquickly, it will burst and the brain will scramble to recreate its picture ofreality from scratch. This is why, for example, a secret evil overlord whoshould already be the target of suspicion should not


The Problem Of Suicide

“I didn’t mean-” said Tracey.

“Wizards can’t be hanged-” said Colin.

“-with Muggle rope, idiot,” said Peregrine.

“That’s such an advanced curse, though, where-” said Lavender.

“He’s an older Slytherin boy and his mother is Bellatrix Black,” said Cho.

“…I’m so sorry…” said Daphne Greengrass.

“Meta Merlin…” said Harry. “I told him that I really regr


Utilitarian Priorities Again

Wolfsbane, Devil’s Snare, Venomous Tentacula, Jumanjian Plot Kudzu, EclipseIvy, Spiky Ivy, Writhing Ivy, Screechsnaps, Puffapods, Saint Etheldreda’sFlytraps, Bubotubers, Ultraviolets, Mandrakes – mostly Mandrakes. The Hogwartsgreenhouse was filled to the brim with exotic magical plants, many of whichrefused to stay silent, ever, and it consequ


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