Seventh Horcrux Omakes! (a fun mix of snippets and my rambles)

First Year: A Dream Come True

I shuffled my feet. “Erm, as long as we’re down here, I wanted to ask about mysummer living arrangements. I can’t go back to the Dursleys. I-I might killthem.”

“Surely you’re exaggerating,” Dumbledore said, eyes twinkling.

“No,” I insisted, glancing at Quir


HP vs Alastor Moody (Pt 2)

Hundreds of owls swooped into the Great Hall, a mid-air ocean of wings andletters. A few appreciative murmurs sounded from the Ravenclaw and Slytherintables, where our foreign guests had sat down for breakfast. Most of theHogwarts students barely noticed their descent, well used to the dailyspectacle.

A small, tawny owl landed in front of Hermi


HP vs Quirinus Quirrel

“The station is here somewhere,” I murmured.

Admittedly, it had been a very long time since I’d gone to school. I knew Ihad to walk into one of the barriers, but which one? Trying for nonchalance, Ileaned against a barrier. Solid. I scuttled to the left. Still solid.

Six attempts later, people were looking at me oddly. I groaned, slumpingagainst th


HP vs Childhood

I am Lord Voldemort, and I was one step away from conquering WizardingBritain.

October 31st, 1981 began as a fairly normal day – arranging raids, crucioingincompetents, lazing about on my throne – yet it seemed that everything myfollowers did irked me.

Bellatrix crouched at my feet, sneaking glances and occasionally emittingdreamy sighs – exactly the sor


Epilogue: Thirteen Years Later

The first day of school had arrived yet again.

The students were unusually awake this year, buzzing about the previousnight’s Sorting and constructing all sorts of wild tales. After all, it hadbeen thirteen years since anyone had been placed in Slytherin.

As I passed the green-clothed table, I nodded to the solitary figure pickingat her toa


HP vs Himself (Pt 3)

Draco Malfoy wandered outside of the DADA classroom, a thoughtful and solitaryfigure. As he passed a dusty side-corridor, no doubt created during thecastle’s recent shuffling, I muttered, “Accio Malfoy.”

Malfoy’s gasp mingled with a more distant yelp as he stumbled towards us. Witha nervous glance around the seemingly empty corridor, Malfoy said, “P-P


HP vs Himself (Pt 2)

Ron woke slowly. He found himself unable to rise and meet the day, partiallybecause he was still drowsy and partially because he was tied up in the middleof our trunk.


I took a leisurely walk around his captured form. My invisibility cloakensured that he heard only measured footsteps and an eerie voice. “I alwaysknew that you would betray


HP vs Himself (Pt 1)

The delivery owl drifted into Hermione’s kitchen, buoyed by a summer breeze.While she offered it a knut and a bit of toast, I snagged the Prophet.

“That’s rather rude, you know,” she huffed as the owl flew away.

I glanced up from the newspaper, frowning. “You’re the one who asked me tocome outside for meals.”

Hermione pouted. “But you stole my pape


HP vs Love (Pt 3)

I tripped on my way outside of the pensieve, landing in a crumpled heap on thefloor. I was viciously pleased when Dumbledore did the same, even if it was onme.

“Quite alright, my boy?” Dumbledore asked, standing and holding out a witheredhand.

I grabbed the edge of his desk to haul myself up. “Fine. I was simplyexamining the floor for defects and found


HP vs Love (Pt 2)

A dozen Death Eaters and I sat in Grimmauld Place’s dining room. Kreacher hadlong ago cleared our plates, though tea and a few desserts still lingered.Against my protests, Bellatrix had spooned pudding onto my plate.

“It’s good for you!” she crooned.

I raised an eyebrow. “Vanilla pudding is good for me.”

Bellatrix’s eyes darted about the table. “Yes.”


HP vs Love (Pt 1)

Seventh Horcrux

Chapter 8: Harry Potter vs. Love (Pt. 1)

Pushing through the late August crowd of students and their families, I mademy way into the Leaky Cauldron. With a nod to Tom, I headed upstairs to one ofits private rooms.

“Harry!” Ginevra tried to tackle me with a hug, but, thankfully, I got ashield up just in time. I edged around h


HP vs Dolores Umbridge (Pt 3)

It took some time to dislodge Fawkes from Umbridge and clean up the freshly-spilled cauldron of Felix Felicis. The whole process would have gone a lotquicker if the Inquisitorial Squad hadn’t just stood by and laughed. At leastour traitor, Edgecomb, had the excuse that she was trying to hide her pimplyface.

Umbridge adjusted her badly-shredd


HP vs Dolores Umbridge (Pt 2)

I stormed into Dumbledore’s office, summons in hand, and slammed it down uponthe old man’s desk. “I don’t care what Umbridge has told you! Pensievememories can be faked, and everyone knows that Veritaserum doesn’t work onsociopaths.”

Dumbledore remained calm, a trait which was as unwavering as it wasfrustrating. “Mr. Potter –”

“I have done


HP vs Dolores Umbridge (Pt 1)

I was two months into my latest attempt at brewing Felix Felicis when my homefell on its side.

“Gah!” I cried, vanishing the potion from my robes and the floor before itstarting eating its way through again. I got up, unlatched the entryway, andcrawled onto the floor outside.

“What is the meaning of this?” I said, staggering to my feet.



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