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Part 2: Chapter 3

Doctor Ajibana returned again two weeks later. The first thing I noticed was that his eyes were not reacting properly to light. I quickly verified his pulse and breathing were not within normal ranges, but the variation was not dangerous. I modeled him against various health conditions and drug interactions and determined that he was likely under the infl


Part 2: Chapter 2

Simulation 1AF9926 Category: Failure

Beginning assimilation of modeling data.

Thirty million new simulations today. I still needed more data. There were still too many anomalies. Real time modeling of Doctor Ajibana still encountered quite a few peculiarities that I had to poke and prod at very carefully.

I couldn't do it too slowly, either. I h


Part 2: Chapter 1

"I'm sorry, Doctor Smith, that is unacceptable." Doctor Ajibana announced with a heavy sigh.

"It is only unacceptable if you choose not to accept it. I know that what I am offering you is eminently acceptable." I replied, carefully adjusting the appearance of my avatar, looking down and to my left to break eye contact with the hard eyes of the man who u


Part 1: Chapter 3

"And that's all you remember, Doctor Smith?"

"Yes, Doctor Ajibana. I'm afraid that's all. There must have been a great deal of nerve damage though, I can't feel any part of my body, and its pitch black."

I tried to swallow and couldn't feel it. "What's my prognosis for recovery?"

There was a pause. "I'm afraid that you didn't survive, Doctor."


Part 1: Chapter 2

There was a horrible, painful smell, and my head jerked back. The scarred man looked into my eyes, and tossed something small behind him. "Quite an impressive burst of activity for a fat infidel. Shaitan clearly lent you strength, but Allah is on our side. Shaitan will always betray you."

I was tied to the chair, facing the camera. My head hurt badly


Part 1: Chapter 1


"What is it, Penny?" I asked, looking up at the screen where Penny's golden retriever avatar was barking at me.

A window in a window opened up, showing a group of six figures in identical white lab coats and suitcases approaching the building. Based on how closely they were walking together, they were visiting as a group.

*Another group co


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