A writer obsessed with the microfiction, the microdocument, the microdiversion. The rabbit hole is sometimes gotten in and out in 5 seconds flat.

Pay close attention/ The shit has hit the fan/Don't look, but see/Don't wonder, just examine/The virus was let off the bag/It is now here/It is invisible/It could be anywhere/Yes, it has disrupted your schedule/Yes, you cannot go to the movies/Yes, no sports for you/Yes, the shit hit the fan/Pay close attention/Do the distance/Yes, the social one.

The truck leaps 5 metres in the air. Mike Hunley is that madman behind the wheel. Down below, if he were to look, he would see the expanse of the Lord Stafford Estate field.He wouldn't though, because he is too busy enjoying himself. Behind him four horsemen are galloping fast, trying to gain ground on the maverick. Yes, maverick, for that is what he is-a maverick. Not so long


The madness was creeping a bit closer than I wanted. The madness that made my heart a dancer. I wanted all in. I was tired of fighting it. I was tired of fearing that they will take me to the loony bin. What was it that Herbert Dune said? All that will be left will be me?

I grabbed the Benelli hunting rifle and examined it properly. I needed to make sure it was working fine


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