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Ark 1 part 3

Walter felt a chill down his spine as he took in the lady's words. He was a boy just past his seventeen years, almost eighteen. Yet before him was a girl he was sure was just approaching her ten-eleven-twelve years. Yet she held the ability to turn him stiff in fear.

"I will keep my word my lady." Walter stuttered.

"good. Can you find your way to the last


Ark 1 part 2

She was exactly the client he needed ,he glanced at all that ladies in the ball room, she was the most mysterious of them all. His face paused into a frown as he saw a chubby man approach her.

Lucy stood like a as the eyes of the room feasted on her.

“hello, i'm Jo Jodanham.” a chubby man introduced. Lucy maintained a blank expression as she re


Ark 1 part 1

Small and tender fingers gripped onto the slim length of a quill as it attempted to make steady and clear words from shaky letters on the page of a parchment. The fingers and the coach quarreled long both stubborn to fulfill its task. Small light streamed onto the parchment, on the small suit case, on the small laps, from the slightly cracked window blind lettin


Fear not the girl. Fear what one be capable of If she be willing to twig you right...... Walter Krain

Lucy wickshire is a historical fiction set in a fictional kingdom. Like its name, the main character is a lady of noble standing. She excels in controlling people for a girl her age. She, though understood to have great power, has kept silent for all her 12 years of l


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