Minds, Names and Faces

Hello everyone, this is my AU/Continuation of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. Chapter One takes the place of HPMOR Ch. 105. This story takes a different approach to HPMOR, especially with regard to Quirrell (who is not leather-pantsed: he still casts AK at will), the Philosopher’s Stone, and the endgame.

Many thanks to the Reddit user /u/kulyok for her services as beta.


Shut Up And Multiply, Part Two

Professor Quirrell was on the defensive, now. He had held off Baba Yaga andPerenelle before, but even he had his limits.

Riddle was more powerful than he had been before. David Monroe had spent hisdecade alone in space planning new spells and rituals, consolidating his graspof power, and now Riddle had somehow surpassed him despite having


Shut Up And Multiply, Part One

Sirius Black was feeling distinctly out of his depth.

He didn’t know his godson. Dumbledore had offered to introduce him to Harrybefore, but he’d refused. The boy had never known his parents - thanks toyou, said the voice that even the supposed Philosopher’s Stone hadn’tsilenced - and Sirius hadn’t thought he’d want to meet the man who’d


The Snake and the Dog

Sirius leapt out of his chair so quickly that Harry barely saw him move. Hiswand, which had never left his hand, was pointed squarely at the DefenceProfessor’s heart.

“Um, Sirius, that’s an extremely bad idea,” Harry said in growing alarm.

“Who are you?” demanded Sirius. He made no movements and spoke no spells, butHarry could see faint ripples, dis


Interlude: Conspiracy Theories

Professor Quirrell threw away his wand as though it had caught fire, lurchedaway from Harry, and blurred down into his Animagus form.

Harry pressed his hands over his eyes, waiting for the pain to fade.

We did it. Professor Quirrell has the Stone.

Harry exhaled slowly. Transfiguration was powerful enough already, and nowthey had the power


Smoke and Mirrors

“Hello, David,” said Albus Dumbledore calmly. The old wizard’s eyes glintedlike sapphires. His robes were a deep indigo-purple, padded and seeming tofollow his movements closely, such that they would not obstruct him. Fawkesperched on his shoulder, space-black eyes shining with righteous courage, likean unwavering flame. In Dumbledore’s right hand was a


Playing Chess, Final: Cheating

The room after the one adjoining the chess room (which had revealed nothing ofinterest after the Fiendfyre bird had flown through) contained Potionsequipment and ingredients, but Professor Quirrell produced a flask from hisrobes and poured it over the flames that had sprung up in the oppositedoorway. He flicked his wand, and a number of ingr


Playing Chess, Part One

The oaken door swung open, and -

Harry didn’t bother to stop himself from screaming as he threw himselfbackwards and away from the triplicate sets of glinting teeth. He landed, nothard enough to hurt a wizard, and drew his wand and roared “Stupefy!Stupefy!

The first stunbolt dazed the creature slightly, but before the second hit homea chunk of


Something of a Riddle

Tom Riddle.

The words seemed to echo inside Harry’s head, sparking resonances that asquickly died away, broken patterns trying to complete themselves and failing.

Tom Riddle is a

Tom Riddle was the


Professor Quirrell briefly looked expectant, but then the expression was gone.“And though I must credit your deduction, Mr.


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