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Harry Potter and the Methods of Super-Rationality

As Harry considered the horrible situation set before him, something very unusual indeed happened. In an instant, his conscious thoughts were obliterated by the sudden influx of thousands upon thousands of answers to the very immediate problems before him. Some answers were nonsense, some were lunacy, but each one was some crystalline piece of a many-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, provided as if by some great over-mind. A gibbering fiend from another dimension that spewed cacophony from a thousand madness-blackened mouths.

It was in that instant that Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres awakened as a Super-Rationalist.

Voldemort felt a fraction of this through the link, and wasted no time with pointless questions. He had already pre-committed to this. The order went out to the assembled Death Eaters.

“Stun him.”


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