Animorphs: The Reckoning

AU/multiple points of departure, with the intent to fix/sane-itize/create internal consistency, allowing rational agents to take things to the extreme. Visser Three is competent, the Yeerks are moving rapidly, and the Animorphs are actually trying to win (but are inexperienced and unprepared). Inspired by Worm and HPMOR.


Chapter 06: Esplin

Breached the theoretical mass synchronization collapse limit? Eliminated theunitary host-construct dependency? Tripled the efficiency of the controller-construct Z-space replacement algorithm?


Esplin nine-four-double-six stared at the report, feeling the odd mixture offear and happiness that was always his host body’s response to bad ne


Chapter 05: Tobias

This is my family.”

“I know that, okay? But Jake—look—listen—think it through, man. The Yeerksknow that we know that they were coming after your family next. Don’t youthink they’ll be a little suspicious, if all of a sudden the four of youjust up and disappear? It’s not like Andalites would care one way or theother.”

I was forty feet up, perc


Chapter 04: Cassie

I want to say that I never asked for any of this. That I wish it could all goback to the way it was.

Both of my parents are veterinarians, you know. I’m going to be one too,someday. I’ve been dealing with death since I was a toddler. Looking it rightin the face, in all its ugly, sad, unfair detail. More than Marco, more thanJake, more than Tobias and R


Chapter 03: Rachel

I straightened in the stall, giving my body a quick once-over to confirm thatall of my body parts had, in fact, returned to their rightful places. Pullingon my clothes, I called out to the others. “I’m clear.”

The door swung open to reveal Cassie and Jake, both standing with expectantlooks on their faces. “Still there,” I said. “Exactly the same as what


Chapter 02: Marco

I try not to be stupid.

Yeah, yeah, I know—who doesn’t, right? I mean, nobody gets up in the morningand sets out to be a moron.

But there’s a pretty big difference between not-trying-to-do-it-wrong andactually-trying-to-do-it-right. It’s a lot like the difference between tellingyourself you’re going to get started on that history paper, and actuallypul


Chapter 01: Jake

‹Come inside, please—all of you. And quickly.›

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Tobias start forward, saw him jerk to astop as Marco’s hand seized his shoulder. I heard Cassie’s soft, terrifiedgasp, somehow seeming every bit as loud as Rachel’s wild, unbalanced laughter.I felt the crawling tingle of adrenaline flooding my veins, and the tight,breaking-


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