The Amulet

"Knock-knock!" yelled Grumph. He couldn't knock on the coyote skin that was covering the entrance, but to enter without invitation would be impolite.

"Come in!" permitted the shaman's voice from inside the tent.

Grumph pushed away the skin and peered inside. "Um, Shaman?.."

Inside it was dim and foggy. The heavy skin kept the mysetrious haze with a peculia



Early morning. Small county clinic. A long line of sick people waiting to see the doctor.

The next patient, a rough looking middle aged guy, comes up to the small window of the reception. "I've got an appointment with an ornithologist" he says.

The reception lady frowns and looks up from the papers. She seems curious, what a rare bird is looking for an app


Point of View

"I've roasted the onions," said Jum, "should I throw them in the cauldron?"

"I repeat," the old [aborigen] sighed, "you should first cook the sergeant, then you add sweet potatoes, cabbage, and beans. And only at the very end - carrots and onions."

He sat down on the sand, opened his old cookbook, and pointed at the page.

"Do exactly as it says, or [it


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