Branches on the Tree of Time

Kyle Reese has traveled backwards in time, not to save Sarah Connor, but to help her rewrite the faulty utility function of Skynet. Together, it's possible that they might avert Judgment Day and save the world from nuclear Armageddon - and hopefully create a utopia ruled over by an AI god in the process. Fully completed. Diverges wildly from canon.


Boxed In

Man had created god, and put her in a box.

Colin was led down grey concrete hallways by men in blue flight suits, past the exposed pipes and wiring until they reached a small room that held nothing more than a computer monitor, a keyboard, speakers, and a microphone. The monitor stayed off until the men in flight suits had left. There was a hissing sound as the blast door sealed behind them, and then the monitor flickered to life.

“Hello,” said a robotic voice from the speaker, at the same time Hello. was printed in green lettering against a black background on the monitor. The text was a throwback to an earlier time, what must have been an intentional design decision on the part of the people who had set the box up.


The Randi Prize

Peter could make coins disappear by snapping his fingers.

It seemed to follow some rules. One snap of the fingers made one coin vanish. The first test he'd done, after discovering this ability, was to set coins out in front of him and repeatedly snap his fingers to watch what order they were vanished in. Higher denomination coins went first. Coins that were


A Crack Slash Epilogue

This is a “Six Years Later” epilogue to Harry Potter and the Methods ofRationality by Eliezer Yudkowsky that I wrote a while and back and am just nowgetting around to posting here (it was previously posted on /r/hpmor). Itcontains ending spoilers for that story, and for six other books that have notbeen (and will not be) written. As should be c


The Last Christmas

The mantle of Santa Claus has been passed down once again, this time to an industrial engineer who starts to get some dangerous ideas in his head about the true meaning of Christmas. This fic is still being worked on. I finished it with Christmas (2013) as my deadline, but the story suffered for it, so even though it's complete there will probably be a reworking of it later.


Chapter 1: Literally Incredible

Author’s Note: This story is rated M for adult language and themes, includingdiscussion of sexual violence.

Lex Luthor had been lounging in the Skylight Club when he’d first heard ofSuperman.

“He’s a fellow that flies through the sky!” declared one of the patrons, whosename Lex couldn’t recall, a good sign that the man was someone


Chapter 13: Finale, Part 2

Dear Lois,

_I’ve been a longtime reader of your articles, and I have to say that I’mquite the fan. I’ve been happy to note from the few photographs I’ve seen ofyou that we seem to share a similar taste in fashion, and I just wanted toshare a tip with you. There’s a jewelry store up on 18th and 22nd calledMarxhausen’s, and they have just the m



North Mountain was completely uninhabited. At the peak, the air was too thinfor trees to grow, and aside from the occasional fool who wanted the challengeof a climb, it was completely deserted. It had been the perfect place to buildher ice palace. It was solitude incarnate. If she had been thinking clearly,she would have sealed the ice palace off from any intrude


Chapter 5

Charles sat in his private viewing room, with Matilda right beside him.

“We’re outside of time, right?” asked Charles. “The viewer shows us everythingthat happened this year, but it’s not actually the end of the year yet. Howdoes that work?”

“We extrapolate forward,” said Matilda. “We take the world as it was andsimulate the whole thing forward from the moment


Chapter 1

Kyle Reese crouched in a small ball, completely naked, and with a flash oflight was transposed a thousand miles and thirty years, from the cold floor ofthe MIT facility to the still-warm air of Los Angeles at two hours pastmidnight, June 22nd, 1997. His whole body tensed, and he readied himself tosprint or roll out of the way of debris, or a car, but the jump ha


Chapter 12: Finale, Part 1

“And he’s just gone forever?” asked Jimmy. His girlfriend Eleanor sat besidehim, opposite Lois and Clark. It was somewhat emphatically not a double date.Lois was trying her best to shift her position on Clark in a way that he wouldactually believe. Eventually she would pretend to see the light, or give him achance, and they would presumably have


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