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Pokemon: The Origin of Species

Enter the world of Pokémon from a rational perspective. Instead of starting his journey in ignorance, Red has spent his years studying the creatures so central to his world... and he doesn't quite agree with all the information in his books. No time for rookie mistakes here: he's on a quest to discover the true nature of Pokémon, and maybe e


Chapter 20: Body and Mind

Hey all, welcome back! Super rough draft, will try to get edits in tomorrow.Took some work to make sure this chapter didn’t feel like too much of aninfodump, but not sure how well I succeeded, so any feedback in that regard isespecially more welcome than usual, either here or on the /r/rational redditpost. Enjoy!

The next mornin


Chapter 19: Great Expectations

Hey all! Super rough draft out for super late chapter! Life’s been crazylately. Good, but crazy. I’ll do a major edit wave tomorrow. Enjoy, and allfeedback welcome, as usual. Just remember that I can’t respond unless you’resigned in!

_Also, apparently FF doesn’t allow less than or greater than symbols in text,so just pretend there’s


Chapter 18: Interlude - Son of Stone

_Hey everyone, welcome back! Sorry for the deadline update, I’ve been spendingsome time this month going back and doing some significant edits to chapterone, which has not been updated to reflect them yet. I’ll be sure to let youknow when it’s finished, for those of you interested in going back and readinga (hopefully) spruced up a


Chapter 17: Tradeoffs

Hey everyone, welcome back, and sorry for the cliffhanger! Also sorry for theslightly late chapter: those of you who read HPMOR can probably guess whatdistracted me.

_So, one of the readers brought up some good questions about pokeballfunctionality and the hoothoot’s death in his review, and I wanted to sharesome edits and clarification here


Chapter 3: Memetics 101

Yes, I’m still alive: sorry for the long wait, I expected to get this out muchearlier until life sort of blew up. I’m heading out of the country for acouple weeks soon, and decided to knuckle down to finish it before I go. Stillplaying around with a number of things, like capitalization of “pokemon” andthe way to reference real concepts in a fi


Chapter 2: Fallacy of the Single Cause

“Okay, trainers: first step is to bring out your pokeballs.”

Red, Blue and Leaf all stand at the front of a long room made of grey stone.Speakers and cameras are set in the ceiling behind them so Professor Oak andothers can watch and instruct them. Waist high dividers run the length of theroom between the three as they face the


Chapter 16: Diversions

_Welcome back everyone! To clarify, “simulations” in this world are basicallyour world’s “Pokemon” games, from the handhelds to far more advanced versionsthat we don’t have access to due to lack of technology and Game Freak’sstrange aversion to all of my money. This world has video games too of course,but we often use the word “simulation” for a


Chapter 15: False Dichotomies

Whew, barely made it! Too bad holidays don’t always mean more free time.Happy New Year!

“What do you see Red?”

13… 14… 15… 16…

“Look!” Blue says, pointing Leaf at the light

17… 18… 19… 20…

Red feels his tension draining the longer he counts, and as another flash ofelectricity arcs, closer but silent, he sags in


Chapter 14: Desensitization

_Hey all, welcome back! Few quick notes: first, apologies to those who foundthe shout-outs in the last chapter distracting. In truth, naming characters isone of my fatal flaws as a writer, and when I was struggling to find a namefor the holder of the Draco Plate for example, I came up with its power beforeits name (“dragon powers” are too v


Chapter 13: Theory-Induced Blindness

Hello everyone, and welcome back! Longest chapter yet, but thankfully got itout ahead of schedule. Also, some fairly substantial edits to announce:

Due to some great feedback on my /r/rational Reddit post, I realized that Ihad done a poor job of making Red’s goals feel concrete enough. “Become apokemon champion” is straightforward


Chapter 12: Interlude - Shadows

Welcome back for the second interlude! I don’t mean to set a pattern, but sofar this is just how it’s worked out. I hope you guys enjoy it, and as always,all feedback appreciated!

“Hey boss, I think I see him,” Bode says.

The leader of the Darkmoon Demons rises from his crouch to join Bode at themouth of the alley. “Yeah, t


Chapter 11: Risk Assessment

So this chapter was meant to be done super quick to make up for leaving it ona cliffhanger. Like, record time quick. That was the intention. Promise.

But it just kept growing. An extension to the flashback here, an extraargument there, and before I knew it I’d written the longest chapter to dateinstead of a quick resolution to the cliffhan


Chapter 10: Avoidance

Hey all, welcome back! This chapter was a lot of fun to write, so I hope youenjoy it. I’m very glad the recent Pokemon games changed the whole “poisonhurts pokemon in their pokeballs” thing, because while it created many tensemoments of gameplay, it never really made any sense. If they could die topoison while in a pokeball, why wouldn’t they be


Chapter 9: Delayed Gratification

Hey all, welcome back! Here’s the longest chapter yet, and happily still inline with my aim of one chapter a month. As usual any feedback is appreciated,either here or on /r/rational on Reddit. Enjoy!

Viridian City’s northern department store is a round building that functionsas a one stop shopping mall, each of its four floo


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