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Chapter 8: Priorities

Hey all, back again! Those of you confused about what CoRRNet is might want tocheck out the previous chapters again, specifically chapter 3, where I addedmention of it for the first time. Simply put, it stands for Coordinated RangerResponse Network, and acts as a region wide task manager to help warn thepublic of threats, and allow trainers and R


Chapter 7: Optimism Bias

New job means little time to write, but it’s finally done. As always, feedbackof all kind is appreciated, here or on the subreddit /r/rational!

The Training House’s practice rooms are far fancier than the one at the PalletLabs. Red passes by room after empty room, each different than the last. He’scurious to know if anyone else is up


Chapter 6: Interlude—The First Night

Whew! For those of you confused about why you’re getting another update forthis chapter, I just finished a major, thorough revamp of it. Thanks to somegreat constructive criticism, I realized how weak much of this chapter was.Considering its importance, I decided to buckle down and take another whack atit. The result is that one of


Chapter 5: Personhood Theory

Finally got this one done: at over 5,000 words it’s the longest chapter yet. Istill didn’t get to everything I wanted to, so ended up splitting it. Also,finally found a fitting title to replace the placeholder. Hope you guys likeit!

“I’m fine mom,” Red says. “Nope, not a scratch on me.” _Technically it’s abite mark. _

Red st


Chapter 4: Operant Conditioning

Hey guys, here’s Chapter 4. Still out of the country, so edits might be a bitslow at first.

Something of note in this chapter: the economy of pokemon according to thegames is just utterly screwy. Pokedollars are based on Japanese yen, each ofwhich is equivalent to a penny. So in the games, a bottle of water is 200pokedollars, or 2 do


Chapter 1: Correlation vs. Causation

When Red awakens, the first thing he does is turn to the calendar beside hisbed. It’s the middle of June, and half of the month’s boxes are X’d out, allthe way up to the highlighted square in the middle.

With a grin, he reaches out to the marker on his nightstand and uncaps it todraw a big, bold X over the highlighted square. The


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