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Chapter 3

"Is the plan to make us bored or anxious through waiting, Mr. Potter?" joked Cedric. The Hufflepuff house team and six of Harry's first year team were scattered around the center of the pitch. With nothing better to do, some were chatting among themselves, others were maintaining or doing tricks on their brooms. Only Hermione was missing, and Cedric had been keep


Chapter 2

Once again, Cedric stood in the center of his team as they lined up on the midfield line. "Are we going to play a fair game this time, Harry?"


"No?" The yellow-clad squad visibly bristled. Hufflepuffs held hard work and fair play in high regard, and last of the Potters wasn't even trying to conceal his skulduggery.

"No, because that wouldn't be int


Chapter 1

"Just to be clear, Harry," said Cedric parsing each word carefully, like a lawyer trying to spot the trap, "You claim your team of first years can beat the Hufflepuff house team?"

"Yep." Harry kept his voice level like there was no trick to it, just another everyday occurrence that didn't need explanation.


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