Stella sighed, glancing at the ticking clock which hung on the plain white wall.“It has been hours and she still isn’t back…” Sakura sat beside her on a wooden chair, her hands perched on the kitchen table to support her weight.“Don’t worry. She will be back. I mean, she HAS been sleep for a few days. Probably just confused.” Stella shook her head, worry clear in her blue e


Johnny was staring at me, then he grinned. I threw him a questioning look, slightly puzzled.

"Dan, don't ya worry! The doc over there says ya only got slight head damage. Might cause ya to hallucinate a bit." I opened my mouth, and found i could speak again.

"What happened...?" John pulled up a chair and sat down, a hand tucked under his chin. I narrowed my eyes.



I sat on the ground in my room, unable to go to sleep. The moon cast long shadows across the room, causing the wardrobe and the bed to look like looming creatures whom had come to take me.

Father had not come home either. I waited and waited for what felt like hours. They did not come home.

The first rays on sunlight flooded into the shadowed room, and I glanced up. How


I went home with John that day. He said something about doing homework or something...anyways, he was curious to see the blue mansion up close. I think he had gathered all his courage, because he was shaking noticeably when we neared the mansion.

I told him to go home at the front steps. He looked like he might pass out or burst into tears at that point. Of course, as stubbo


I got through most of the day with Johnny nagging at me and tagging along. He was good company to have, though. Made me laugh quite a bit.

At lunch, i grabbed a tray and got some hamburgers. Johnny was right behind me ( of course), and he got fries. I stared, dumbfounded.

"Aren't you eating anything else?" The question seemed to knock him off guard, and he almost dropped


"Dan! Come on!" It was Rosalyn's voice, no doubt. I let out a sigh and got up. I kind of felt relieved that i didn't need to stay home all the time. Yeah, i know. I am insane to want to go to school willingly.

But i was willing to do anything to get away from that blasted place. From those nightmares.Trust me, if you were me, you would like school too.

I hurriedly threw


As i helped dad put the boxes inside, i looked around. Inside the house was wooden, with a flight of stairs leading to the second floor. To the right was a massive kitchen, and the living room.

The furniture was already there, surprisingly. Happy we didn't need to buy furniture, I put down the last box, rubbing my hands together to get the dust off. It was time to explore.


Something doesn’t feel right. I can see it now, creeping into my room. It always does. I told myself it was a dream, that it was not real. I wish I was right.

I look to the corner of the doorway, which is blanketed in shadows of my nightlight. It is creeping over slowly, glancing at me with its strange eyes- and then, darkness.

I wake up in cold sweat and glance around wi


As all fairytales start, this one starts with once upon a time. The carved wooden toys creaked as if weeping, for they had been worn and left on that particular playground for years to come, and therefore had rotted.Once a boy passed and saw the toys in such shape; raising a golden eyebrow, he gently lifted the wooden soldier and examined it with interest. The face was carved


Clary opened her eyes, only to find endless darkness. Where am i? Panicked, she quickly snapped her fingers to light the dark, only to find that her magic was so low she could not even make sparks, even less light her fingers. Suddenly and without warning, the shadows around her started moving, circling her like predators. Clary, now without her magic, was as vulnerable as


When Will’s body passed through the window, he felt cold rush through him like ice and for a moment he thought that he was perhaps in water; but that was proven wrong as the cold fell away to reveal warmth. Will opened his tightly shut eyes to glimpse the sun overhead, which shone brightly, surrounded by the blue sky. He unconsciously glanced back, only to glimpse an endles


“Sarah. Wake up, child.” Her eyes fluttered open, and she saw Yuki standing beside her bed. “Yuki. What is it?” The massive wolf shook his head and glanced down.“Will has learnt how to use the watch.” At this Sarah was up in seconds, throwing on her cloths and rushing out the door. Yuki protested, but had barely gotten a word out when the door slammed shut in his face.


“Hallo will.” Glancing timidly at the young boy, Sarah quickly grabbed him and embraced his broad form. “I missed you too.” He groaned, clearly choking slightly in the pressure of Sarah’s embrace. Loosening up slightly, Sarah handed him a small golden pocket watch, which there sat a carving of a butterfly on the front; and Will gave a small gasp of recondition.“My mother’s


Once i had a little dream,

which kept me up for days to come

I sat perched up on my bed

Thinking both day and night

What was my dream, you ask?

Ah, it was frightful, i say,

For i saw a raven which

Sat on the golden windowsill

As it did, it stared, so keen,

With its beady black eyes,

which were as dark as the blackest nights

No light in which to


Inside the corrupted hearts of humans was no love; for they had lost the ability long before time; however there was one, who could feel just as much as you and me, and he was a small newborn who laughed for the first time.

Years passed and the child grew; But he did not know the ways of love, and knew not how to show affection, but he felt, just like you and i.

And nobo


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