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Nuclear Babies

[WP] Nuclear war has just ended and only a handful of children remain. The children survived because they chose to hideout in a garbage dump, nobody would waste a nuke on garbage. The world now decimated, the children need to rebuild and learn through anything they find in the garbage.
"Garbage babies, attack!" a team of mutated garbage kids started swingi


Evil Day

[WP] When he turned on the faucet this morning, blood poured out.

Robert woke up and walked to his bathroom. When he turned on the faucet, his bath started filling with dark scarlet liquid. He looked at himself in the broken mirror and smiled.

What a wonderful day, he thought. *Fresh virgin blood in my bath, zombie infestation is under control, demons gav



In the previous post I've described how to find challenges to exercise your creativity.
This post is about generating new and creative ideas.
## Background (how mind works)
The main function of a brain is to make predictions about the world. (when you can predict what happens next you are better at survival and reproduction)



The only thing that I have ever knew was void. You could say that it surrounded me forever since there was no time before I created it. At first all I was was awareness, just the sense of conciousness with nothing else. Gradually, I started to think thoughts in the midst of this void. I've made up time and space. And once I was thinking in this emptiness I got horribly b



[WP]: Describe the ugliest person imaginable using only praises and compliments

She was more handsome than a barfing snail. When people looked at her they couldn't look away, and dreamed about her for weeks after, waking up screaming every night. Her hair were like an ocean, a very deep ocean with terrifying creatures underneath. She had beautiful blue eyes, a l


Writing Resources

Best learning resources for aspiring writers

Hey there! Did you decide to become a fiction writer, but don't know where to begin? This post is the perfect place start.

There's an overwhelming amount of learning resources(writers love writing about writing), but very few are actually go



Hey, everyone! Welcome to our community! I hope that it will become a friendly and supportive place, where we can give and receive useful feedback, help each other to get better at writing, and encourage each other to write more. Let's introduce ourselves! Come over to the comment section and tell us little bit about yourself =)

Comedy Theory

I am working on a theory that would explain how comedy works, and turn the process of writing jokes into an understandable, structured process that anyone can learn. The theory is incomplete, but I had quite a few epiphanies that I think many people may find interesting and useful.

##Background — how mind works

The purpose of the brain is to make predictio


About Fictionhub

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## What is fictionhub?

Fictionhub aims to be the perfect place for writers to share and discuss stories, and help each other to get better at writing. It is like a blogging platform with discovery system and community features of reddit.

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Drug Lord

Prompt: You're the biggest drug lord the world has ever seen. The angel of death visits you on your deathbed and allows you to plea your case as to why you deserve to get into heaven.

I have made a lot of money by helping people to exercise their freedom to do whatever they wanted. Old fat douchebags in the government were trying to dictate people what they can and can not do with their bodies, with their oives, and I have rebelled against that and gave that choice back to people.


Modern Day Robin Hood

Propmt: In modern day America, you lead a group of criminals who steal from the 1% by any means necessary, to give to the people who need money the most. You are the hood, and this is the story of The Merry Men.

Elon Musk, Mark Zukerberg, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Warren Buffett, countless people who's names you don't know, people who run oil companies and banks, who create everything from cars to cereal boxes, who control the industry, are in my power. All fallen to our attacks.

Millions, many millions of dollars redistributed to the poorest people in the bad neighborhoods, in the most distant cities, in poor countries. Every poor person got a part of their wealth. Not a big part, it turns out. One dollar and twenty seven cents to be precise.

I look back on my actions and try to imagine how could I not see this.


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