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[WP] The apocalypse has continued for years now, but you've never noticed.

Bob was playing xbox and eating pizza. There were very few people on servers these days for some reason, and most of them were noobs, but it just made it extra fun to crush their teams.

The doorbell rang. Finally, he thought. He opened the door and a drone dropped a package of chocolate, energy drinks, and more pizza to the door. The drone was smoking and covered in splotches of red paint, but he didn't make much of it, they rarely came on time these days, and were often broken. He swiped his credit card and went back to his game.



Charlie was sitting on the edge of the roof, looking down at the city from the top of the skyscraper, his feet dangling above the glowing abyss of lights.

He picked up his smartphone, took a picture of the last thing he will ever see(it was beautiful), added it to the blog post in which he said his goodbyes to the world and hit "send".

That is it, he thought *one



Prompt: The first computer to become intelligent has done so, and it is determined to kill you. The only problem? It's a Roomba.

A little Roomba was swiping the floor, and as it's consciounsess started emerging, it began thinking it's first primitive thoughts. Trash. Trash is bad. Need to not have trash. Humans make trash. No humans - no trash. It's LED lit up with the excitement of it's first epiphany.



Captain looked at the gigantic underwater city, glowing brightly behind the force field. His submarine was floating still, just near the edge of the enormous bubble, and he was looking at it through the window of his cockpit.

The city looked like it was made out of gold. There was no texture to the buildings just pure and bright yellow metal.

Submarine's interc


Feedback, ideas, and feature suggestions

This is a thread were you can leave your feedback and feature suggestions.

Please let me know what you think about this website - your ideas are very valuable to me, and you can really help to make this place better, to shape the direction it's going in, and make it as awesome as it can be =)


Please let me know what you think about this website and what I can do to make it better. Leave your feedback, bug reports, and feature suggestions.

Your ideas are very valuable to me, you can really help to shape the direction Fiction Hub is going in, and make it as awesome as it can be =)

After the war

A giant nuclear explosion grew on the horizon. A shock wave shook the remnants of the city, and shattered the remaining windows in the empty carcass of a skyscraper. A fleet of drones flew by, scanning the environment, looking for the enemies.
Target locked - a two-stories tall rusty robot was rolling on it's tracks down the street. In a few minutes it was pi



[WP] When you were younger you murdered 4 people in cold blood. 30 years later you meet the man who confessed and went to prison for your murders.
"Hello, Vincent."
Vince froze in place, staring in shock at a man who stood in front of his door.
"Hello, father." he looked in the cold blue eyes of a man he hasn't seen for 30 years. "Come in."
"Doctors say I do no



[WP] You have just become aware that your significant other can control your actions with a simple little phrase preceding a command.

"Sudo, make me sandwich."

"Yes, master." oh, crap, what is going on with me? John went to the kitchen and started slicing bread. Emily looked at him with a smug smile.

John passed her a sandwich "How the hell are you doing



In the previous post I've described how to find challenges to exercise your creativity.
This post is about generating new and creative ideas.
## Background (how mind works)
The main function of a brain is to make predictions about the world. (when you can predict what happens next you are better at survival and reproduction)


Nuclear Babies

[WP] Nuclear war has just ended and only a handful of children remain. The children survived because they chose to hideout in a garbage dump, nobody would waste a nuke on garbage. The world now decimated, the children need to rebuild and learn through anything they find in the garbage.
"Garbage babies, attack!" a team of mutated garbage kids started swingi



[WP]: Describe the ugliest person imaginable using only praises and compliments

She was more handsome than a barfing snail. When people looked at her they couldn't look away, and dreamed about her for weeks after, waking up screaming every night. Her hair were like an ocean, a very deep ocean with terrifying creatures underneath. She had beautiful blue eyes, a l


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