Strangers on a Train, Part 2

Draco looked out the window as the train lurched out of the station, stilllistening to Gregory and Vincent. Once the conversation turned to tactics,he’d finally finally relaxed. He’d confessed everything and they saw thetension flow out of him. They’d lived with him for a year, knew when he wore amask.

Platform Nine and Three Quarters disappe


Strangers on a Train

Draco strolled onto Platform 9 and three-quarters while adjusting the robeshe’d just put on over his charcoal suit with a quiet purple tie and silvercufflinks. Before crossing he’d attracted minimal attention. On a normal dayhe’d stand out, but the steady trickle of wizards and witches made Draco asafe eccentric. Just a rich brat, not some delusional



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Social Gatherings, Part 2

Author’s note (5/5) – Thank you all for the kind words, but here and onreddit.

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Social Gatherings

Draco looked across the table at his mother, _His Mother, _and quietly sippedanother spoon of Diricawl soup. Narcissa stared at her glass of wine,untouched in an ornate silver goblet engraved with three snakes poking theirheads over the edge of the lip, as if drinking. The candles on the table burntlow, but had never (in all the years Draco had known


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