If chapter 104 had been written by someone much stupider

It wasn’t every day that you got a message from yourself from the future.

“Davies has the Quaffle!” Lee Jordan shouted in a world that didn’t matter very much and was rapidly receding in importance. “Oh…! And the Snitch is gone - maybe gone for good, after being missed that badly!”

Harry ignored the foreshadowing. The parchment said:

He dying

Don’t wanna


Go to corridor between Charms Classroom and supply closet

Watch out for like Aurors and stuff

Have written this in secret magical ink so to outsider looks like super smart code but u can read it real easy

Harry worried that he might be an idiot, but he was more worried that Professor Quirrell was dying. He surreptitiously gathered his things, instructed Uzumaki Naruto to keep an eye on things at the Quidditch match, and headed off to the corridor between the Charms Classroom and the supply closet.


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