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The goal of this website is to make it easy for writers to master their craft and find their audience, and make it easy for readers to discover awesome fiction.

Write and Publish your stories

Use our beautiful distraction-free editor to write your stories:

And publish them in a beautiful, easy to read format:

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  • Press S to autoscroll, press it once again to scroll faster, prest W to slow down scrolling, press Q to stop scrolling.
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Find your audience

Our browse page makes it very easy for readers to discover the stories you have shared with our community. The best stories are also featured on our front page, suggested to the readers who liked similar stories, shared with our social media followers, and sent to all of our subscribers in the weekly email digest.

Readers who've enjoyed your stories can subscribe to your blog and receive the updates whenever you publish something.

This way, you don't have to worry about learning how to use complicated blogging software or spend your time on building traffic and self-promotion, you can just focus on doing what you love - writing - and we will make sure that the audience of readers finds your stories.

Receive feedback

My goal is to build a friendly and helpful community of authors who share their experience, and help each other to get better at writing. Share your stories to receive useful advice and feedback, and give feedback to help others!

And don't fogret to join the discussion forum where you can ask questions and talk to other great writers.

Become a better writer

We also have a great set of tools that will help you to develop good habits and practice your skill regularly, in a fun and engaging way.

On your profile page, you will find useful stats about your writing:

Besides subscribers/upvotes/views your stories have received, and your position on the leaderboard of our best writers, you can see a useful calendar of your daily wordcount. Brightness of the day depends on the amount of words you have written(0 - completely transparent, 1000 - completely white). Number to the right of it is your writing streak - how many days in a row you have written at least 100 words.

This brilliant tool is incredibly helpful for developing regular writing habits - at a glance you can see how many words you have written, and get motivated to continue your streak and keep writing every day!

Under the editor, you will find a neat progress bar:

It interactively displays the amount of words you have written today.(each mark represents a milestone of 100 words). This provides you an extremely satisfying visual feedback, motivating you to write more.

Finally, we have a Daily Writing category. It's purpose is to inspire you to write more, to give you helpful feedback and encouragement. Stories submitted to this category are not displayed in the main browse page, so you can share your daily writing exercises without any pressure to keep them high-quality. Don't be shy, feel free to jump in and post something even if it's the first thign you've ever written!

Use these tools to practice your skills, become a better writer, and have fun interacting and competing with others!

Take your skill to the next level

We also have a category where you can find helpful learning resources that will guide you on your path to becomming a better writer and help you to take your skill to the next level.

So come in, join our growing community, and take the first step on your path to becoming an amazing writer!

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