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How is big data different from traditional data sourcesThere are some significant ways that enormous information is not quite the same as conventional information sources. In his book Taming the enormous information tsunami, the writer Bill Franks recommended the accompanying ways where enormous information can be viewed as not quite the same as conventional informa


Amazon Elastic Block StoreAmazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) is a high performance block storage service made for applications with Amazon EC2 for managing results and performing effective workloads at any measure. A wide range of workloads like non-relational and relational databases, business applications, containerized applications, big data analytics engines, file syste


Learn about AWS Data Pipeline and its Benefits

AWS Data Pipeline is a web service that provides with accurate processing and transfer data among various AWS compute and storage services and in-build data sources, at particular time periods.

Using AWS Data Pipeline, we can use our data where it is saved, changed and process it effectively to move the outcomes to AWS s


Branches on the Tree of Time

Kyle Reese has traveled backwards in time, not to save Sarah Connor, but to help her rewrite the faulty utility function of Skynet. Together, it's possible that they might avert Judgment Day and save the world from nuclear Armageddon - and hopefully create a utopia ruled over by an AI god in the process. Fully completed. Diverges wildly from canon.


Boxed In

Man had created god, and put her in a box.

Colin was led down grey concrete hallways by men in blue flight suits, past the exposed pipes and wiring until they reached a small room that held nothing more than a computer monitor, a keyboard, speakers, and a microphone. The monitor stayed off until the men in flight suits had left. There was a hissing sound as the blast door sealed behind them, and then the monitor flickered to life.

“Hello,” said a robotic voice from the speaker, at the same time Hello. was printed in green lettering against a black background on the monitor. The text was a throwback to an earlier time, what must have been an intentional design decision on the part of the people who had set the box up.


How to Have Better Sex with Russian Call Girls

How to Have Better Sex with Russian Call Girls. Exercise. It's important to be in good physical condition to last longer and enjoy your encounters much more. No stress or worries. Try to keep a relaxed life keeping some time for yourself. Dedicate


The Randi Prize

Peter could make coins disappear by snapping his fingers.

It seemed to follow some rules. One snap of the fingers made one coin vanish. The first test he'd done, after discovering this ability, was to set coins out in front of him and repeatedly snap his fingers to watch what order they were vanished in. Higher denomination coins went first. Coins that were


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