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Benefits of Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

While serving delicious food might be the biggest concern and main focus for restaurants, and well, pretty justifiably, there are other factors that might affect customers' experience when walking into one and when deciding whether to come back or not. Aesthetics, attractiveness, high quality service and a good money-per-va


Branches on the Tree of Time

Kyle Reese has traveled backwards in time, not to save Sarah Connor, but to help her rewrite the faulty utility function of Skynet. Together, it's possible that they might avert Judgment Day and save the world from nuclear Armageddon - and hopefully create a utopia ruled over by an AI god in the process. Fully completed. Diverges wildly from canon.


Boxed In

Man had created god, and put her in a box.

Colin was led down grey concrete hallways by men in blue flight suits, past the exposed pipes and wiring until they reached a small room that held nothing more than a computer monitor, a keyboard, speakers, and a microphone. The monitor stayed off until the men in flight suits had left. There was a hissing sound as the blast door sealed behind them, and then the monitor flickered to life.

“Hello,” said a robotic voice from the speaker, at the same time Hello. was printed in green lettering against a black background on the monitor. The text was a throwback to an earlier time, what must have been an intentional design decision on the part of the people who had set the box up.


Tips to Be Considered Before Hiring an Insurance Company

Are you the most earning person in your family, and everyone is dependent on you? Ever thought what you would do without any future investment? Still, thinking or planning to have Insurance? A person is too busy in everyday hustling that insurance is considered a neglected part of their life. [Online Term Insurance


The Menace

A small eleven year old black haired boy named Jimmy Miller was a new member of the Space Academy. In the Space Academy Jimmy's skills would be limited only by his imagination. Jimmy needed training to develop and hone his skills.

The trainer's name was Frank Thorn. Frank's skills were advanced. But Frank was a scoundrel.

Jimmy stopped in front of the c


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