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The Shop of Oddities

It all started as a dare. When Ayuda first arrived in the quaint and desolate neighborhood of the little Shop of Oddities she felt the wonderment of being stranded in a silent dreamland of architecture. She received none of the general inspirations of terror which had profusely laced the wild accounts told by her friends who had prodded her off on this strange visit. To be sure she found it all puzzling and surreal, but more so gaudy and artificial in the heavily ornamented flourishes of the old buildings. Collectively, they summoned up an excess of impressions from a bygone era, but with a zany flamboyance more imitative of an amusement park. The neighborhood had been all but forgotten and its remote location in the largely abandoned part of the city left it habitually void of life. The aura was vacant and still. It was an insular, carnivalesque world without vibrancy, varnished in dark colors of Gothic and Victorian sensibility. Yet tucked away in its’ own little hermitage, the Shop of Oddities surpassed all the other places in the neighborhood in the lavish pageantry of its design. She found no hint of charm or horror in the star-festooned wooden placard over the door inscribed with the shop name in an exuberant script, but rather fabulous plasticity. It was to this shop that Ayuda had been directed, the subject of this entire excursion that seemed only frivolous at the moment Ayuda approached the doorstep.


The End of the Line

“Is this where the line ends?”“As far as I know it is,” answered the last man in the rigid chain of people standing face-forward one behind the other down the immeasurable passage of the dull grey corridor. With that answer Henry took his place right behind the man who turned his head forward again. At the moment of stepping into his slot at the end of the line, Henry officially joined the network as its newest member in the seamless uniformity of men and women standing in a domino formation. Where it began-- Henry could not begin to catch sight. He saw before him, just as everyone else within view saw before them, the countless backs of those in front continuing forward ad infinitum.


As all fairytales start, this one starts with once upon a time. The carved wooden toys creaked as if weeping, for they had been worn and left on that particular playground for years to come, and therefore had rotted.Once a boy passed and saw the toys in such shape; raising a golden eyebrow, he gently lifted the wooden soldier and examined it with interest. The face was carved


Stella sighed, glancing at the ticking clock which hung on the plain white wall.“It has been hours and she still isn’t back…” Sakura sat beside her on a wooden chair, her hands perched on the kitchen table to support her weight.“Don’t worry. She will be back. I mean, she HAS been sleep for a few days. Probably just confused.” Stella shook her head, worry clear in her blue e


Clary opened her eyes, only to find endless darkness. Where am i? Panicked, she quickly snapped her fingers to light the dark, only to find that her magic was so low she could not even make sparks, even less light her fingers. Suddenly and without warning, the shadows around her started moving, circling her like predators. Clary, now without her magic, was as vulnerable as


Current setting: Very Hard

I broke my fixation on the woefully empty bottle of beer to glance down at my phone as it dinged, notifying me about an email. I sighed. Debt collectors and spam. That's all I ever got anymore. At least the latter allowed me the pleasure of pressing the fun little trashcan icon.

Would you like to change..., the preview of the subject read.



[WP] The apocalypse has continued for years now, but you've never noticed.

Bob was playing xbox and eating pizza. There were very few people on servers these days for some reason, and most of them were noobs, but it just made it extra fun to crush their teams.

The doorbell rang. Finally, he thought. He opened the door and a drone dropped a package of chocolate, energy drinks, and more pizza to the door. The drone was smoking and covered in splotches of red paint, but he didn't make much of it, they rarely came on time these days, and were often broken. He swiped his credit card and went back to his game.


When Will’s body passed through the window, he felt cold rush through him like ice and for a moment he thought that he was perhaps in water; but that was proven wrong as the cold fell away to reveal warmth. Will opened his tightly shut eyes to glimpse the sun overhead, which shone brightly, surrounded by the blue sky. He unconsciously glanced back, only to glimpse an endles


“Sarah. Wake up, child.” Her eyes fluttered open, and she saw Yuki standing beside her bed. “Yuki. What is it?” The massive wolf shook his head and glanced down.“Will has learnt how to use the watch.” At this Sarah was up in seconds, throwing on her cloths and rushing out the door. Yuki protested, but had barely gotten a word out when the door slammed shut in his face.


A Crack Slash Epilogue

This is a “Six Years Later” epilogue to Harry Potter and the Methods ofRationality by Eliezer Yudkowsky that I wrote a while and back and am just nowgetting around to posting here (it was previously posted on /r/hpmor). Itcontains ending spoilers for that story, and for six other books that have notbeen (and will not be) written. As should be c


“Hallo will.” Glancing timidly at the young boy, Sarah quickly grabbed him and embraced his broad form. “I missed you too.” He groaned, clearly choking slightly in the pressure of Sarah’s embrace. Loosening up slightly, Sarah handed him a small golden pocket watch, which there sat a carving of a butterfly on the front; and Will gave a small gasp of recondition.“My mother’s


Fear not the girl. Fear what one be capable of If she be willing to twig you right...... Walter Krain

Lucy wickshire is a historical fiction set in a fictional kingdom. Like its name, the main character is a lady of noble standing. She excels in controlling people for a girl her age. She, though understood to have great power, has kept silent for all her 12 years of l


Once i had a little dream,

which kept me up for days to come

I sat perched up on my bed

Thinking both day and night

What was my dream, you ask?

Ah, it was frightful, i say,

For i saw a raven which

Sat on the golden windowsill

As it did, it stared, so keen,

With its beady black eyes,

which were as dark as the blackest nights

No light in which to


Inside the corrupted hearts of humans was no love; for they had lost the ability long before time; however there was one, who could feel just as much as you and me, and he was a small newborn who laughed for the first time.

Years passed and the child grew; But he did not know the ways of love, and knew not how to show affection, but he felt, just like you and i.

And nobo


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