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Desire (Ardeth & Angelina Series #1)

He was so close now that she had to look up to see his face; could feel the heat emanating from his body and smell the warm, musky male scent of his skin as he slowly pulled her to him. Their bodies almost touching, he rested his other hand lightly on her waist and with the other reached up to tuck an errand lock of hair behind her ear. He cupped her cheek in his palm, his touch surprising her with its tenderness; the gentle movement of his fingers against her skin somehow incongruous coming from such an intense and strong man, a fierce warrior. She had seen him fight; witnessed first hand his skill and prowess in battle even before she knew who he was. Yet towards her, he had never been anything but gentle and courteous.


Brain Power

The dark room pulsated a dull blue light which wrapped the mad scientist in long shadows, giving his gaunt features a demonic look. The light was coming from 100 human brains which surrounded his laboratory. They all sat in a light blue, transparent fluid, which kept them in limbo and gave them a zap of electricity every now and then. “The red one’s connecte


Title: Big Fish Credit: written by Author: John August Source: based on the novel by Daniel Wallace Notes: FINAL PRODUCTION DRAFT includes post-production dialogue and omitted scenes Copyright: (c) 2003 Columbia Pictures This is a Southern story, full of lies and fabrications, but truer for their inclusion. ==== **FADE IN:** A RIVER.

The Story of My Life.

Ten years ago I googled myself, just one of those silly things you do when you get bored, see who shares your name - or what the general people could find out about you - if they knew your name.

In my case I found a wikipedia page. It was amusing at first, surely no-one had written a wikipedia article about me… but the details fit, it had my bi



Early morning. Small county clinic. A long line of sick people waiting to see the doctor.

The next patient, a rough looking middle aged guy, comes up to the small window of the reception. "I've got an appointment with an ornithologist" he says.

The reception lady frowns and looks up from the papers. She seems curious, what a rare bird is looking for an app


Point of View

"I've roasted the onions," said Jum, "should I throw them in the cauldron?"

"I repeat," the old [aborigen] sighed, "you should first cook the sergeant, then you add sweet potatoes, cabbage, and beans. And only at the very end - carrots and onions."

He sat down on the sand, opened his old cookbook, and pointed at the page.

"Do exactly as it says, or [it


The Immortality of Anthony Weever

"What is your name?"

"Anthony Weever."

"When were you born?"

"April 7th, 2014."

"What is the date?"

"August 23, 2041."

"What is your password?"


It all began twenty years ago, when we were both seventeen.

We were two best friends in a small town of barely a five thousand, and, like all other small towns in Americ



As the light rain falls softly in the night, pale streetlights reflected in the wet cobblestone street, I wonder what sort of life choices ended up with me at the right end of a gun and my face at the other. Just last week I was at a fundraiser for the Mars project, rubbing shoulders with the very finest of society itself, but now here I am, on the wrong side of the flip



The Beginning

As soon as I heard my siblings' chemical screams, I turned and tried to run.

We disperse, trying to place as much distance between us and the scent of death, beating our cilia as fast as we could possibly go. But in the chaotic wake of the fleeing crowd I still felt the cyclical thrumming of the Creature's flagella, thrashing the surrounding wa


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