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[WP] The apocalypse has continued for years now, but you've never noticed.

Bob was playing xbox and eating pizza. There were very few people on servers these days for some reason, and most of them were noobs, but it just made it extra fun to crush their teams.

The doorbell rang. Finally, he thought. He opened the door and a drone dropped a package of chocolate, energy drinks, and more pizza to the door. The drone was smoking and covered in splotches of red paint, but he didn't make much of it, they rarely came on time these days, and were often broken. He swiped his credit card and went back to his game.


Ainda não

Um dia, terminei uma apresentação em um bar para quem está começando no standup. A plateia estava fria, o timing das piadas ruim e as referências não os empolgou. Nada pior do que perceber que, durante uma piada que ainda não se terminou de contar, não funcionou. Enfim, uma daquelas noites que confirmava tudo que a ansiedade pré-show insinuava.

Eu dera uma entre


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