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Enrich your career with COBIT Online Training

About COBITExperience the Realtime implementation of COBIT projects by exploring different Key features and Overview of COBIT, Process Capability including PRM (Process Reference Model) and PAM(Process Assessment Model), Guide to Implementation of COBIT® 5,...etc

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Influencer marketing or IM engages the brand advertising option where a person will influence your business. We assist our clients to opt out the best person in the market who can be able to endorse the business perfectly and helping our client to leave a mark in the market. In the IM section, clients need an apt strategy, budget planning, and time management which all we provi


Ameya Marketing Solutions comes across as your one-stop solution provider when it comes to web designing and development. We boast of having on board some of the best website designers in India and from across the country and promise to offer comprehensive and customized web development services in India that echo our out-of-the-box perspective and maximum efforts. Our service



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Reasons to Create a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is the sixth most popular website on the internet has now turned into a powerful marketing platform. With articles in more than 200 languages and a community of 30 million users, if anyone wants to enhance their notability then Wikipedia is the only big web platform that provides advertising potential in a single place.

The co


Sales Training and Coaching

Far too many sales people, be they telephone based or working in the field, are either so enamored with the sound of their own voices or so terrified of dealing with objections that they simply talk and talk and forget to listen. Listening and listening well is the single most important skill for any one hoping to succeed in sales, and even if sal


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