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Input Tax Recovery under VAT in UAEInput tax is the tax paid by a person on purchases or inward supplies. A major element of VAT in UAE is the provision to recover the tax paid on inputs. This means that a person can reduce the value of input tax eligible for recovery from the tax payable and only pay the balance amount as tax. This ensures that tax is paid only on the


Tally ERP 9 DownloadLooking for a perfect GST software and management solution for your business? Get Tally ERP 9!

Tally ERP9 provides control and different functions all the while allowing customizability letting your business do a lot more in terms of managing accounts.

It offers simplified accessibility for businesses like inventory, accounting, sales, finance,


Top 6 Popular WordPress Plugins for Content Marketers

Marketers are emerging constantly but now the domain of digital marketing has been divided into different subcategories and content marketing is one such category of digital marketing that has become popular over the years. The main reason why content marketing is so renowned is that if it were not for quality content, w


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Experts Required In a Wikipedia Team!

Wikipedia has become a content marketing platform more than it is being used as an online encyclopedia. The reason behind it is that content marketers have seen the potential that this platform holds. Being the fifth most visited website in the world it could be used for gaining attention from millions of people at low costs. This is


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