6 Reasons Why Social Media Is Important For Every Business

Do you know, 66% of the total calculated marketer generates more leads than others if he spends 6 hours a week? Almost 90% marketers agree that social media has increased their business exposure.

Well, Social media is not limited only to talking to friends, or just to have fun. But instead it is a great tool of Digital marketing that can be used to earn huge revenue. Using social media business will not only bloom your business but also will pad your wallet.

But if you are in doubt and wondering what social media is going to do for me and do I really need it? Then yes, definitely you need it. And these are some of the most compiling reasons why. Have a look:

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for your Business:

  1. Helps you to understand your audience.
  2. Drive Targeted Traffic.
  3. Enhanced SEO Ranking.
  4. Cost-effective.
  5. Healthier customer satisfaction.
  6. Establishes you as an Authority.

Social Media has taken over many communication modes and is one of the most influencing factors. People are very much fond of using various social media platforms to see what the world is up to and they use it to tell what they are up to. Businesses that have utilized the power of social media effectively and efficiently have seen growing at a much faster pace than others. Social media can give every business a wider visibility and attract potential customers in an incredible way. Making a positive impact and engaging a wide array of the audience becomes very easy if we can strategize the plan with perfection. Without digging much, let’s get straight to all 6 benefits we mentioned above.

1). Helps you to understand your audience:

Benefits of social media such as Instagram and Twitter help you to interact with your customer base. Their status updates and tweets help you to get an insight of their daily lives and customer behavior and thus make you capable enough to answer these questions:

  • What websites interest them?
  • What hobbies they have?
  • What posts attract them?
  • Which products are they buying and why?

These tactics have obvious marketing benefits. When you understand your potential customers better, you can write more compiling posts which leads to more traffic. Not only this, but these benefits even help you identify customer pain points, refine your product strategy and improve sales conversion.

2). Drive Targeted Traffic:

Do you know a major ratio of overall population of your targeted audience is on social media? According to a research, it has been found; about 68% of American adults use Facebook. Among them, 78% use Instagram, 45% use Twitter and they are in the age between 18-24 years.

Whenever you post a new blog or even update the homepage, it takes some time to traction with Google. Business social media give the users to chance to search for your new post and click to your site. Those posts will show up in the feeds of your followers and thus will increase the traffic as well as bring the targeted audience you want to attract.

3). Enhanced SEO Ranking:

Social media presence is becoming essential to rank your website on Google first page. Search engine crawlers keep an eye on both kind of pages such as those which have good traffic and also on those which are ignored, outdated or just floating out there. Content strategy is the key to improve your ranking. Also, businesses send brand signal to search engine by sharing the contents on social media that automatically speaks the constancy, validity and integrity of your brand.

4). Cost- effective:

Social media is the most cost- effective way for advertising your business strategy. Creating your profile on any of the social media platform is absolutely free but yes if you want to organize a paid campaign for your business, then a bit of penny you need to spend for it. Spending money on such campaign is worth the price. Spending a bit and earning great conversion rate, thus huge revenue in return is not a bad deal at all.

5). Healthier customer satisfaction:

Network and communication platform are the two major tools that can help you in improving the overall brand image. Social media plays a vital role in these platforms. Targeted customers build trust in your company when they comment on your portal and get modified reply in back rather than computerized reply. So, take time, drop a personal message to your customers. This will generate positive vibes on behalf of your company.

Let us understand with an example. Do you know? According to a study, if an airline responds to the customer’s tweets within 6 minutes, then it is high possibility that the customers would even pay almost $20 more for future tickets. So, it means you have to be quick enough to rectify the problems of your customers. On the social media platform, to sustain and grow your business, you must reply to your customer queries within 4 hours.

6). Establishes you as an Authority:

Social media provides you a lot of opportunities to showcase your expertise from joining Facebook groups to even answering questions on Quora. You can show up your knowledge, your leadership through answering simple questions, sharing relevant information or sharing tips and advice to people. These techniques can increase your brand’s reach in no time if used regularly. Your activities will come up in particular social channels and even in Google search. When the users will have question that needs to be answered they will automatically reach up to you or refer their friends, colleagues to your social media links and thus this led to new leads. They will visit your site and will show interest in buying your products even without taking advice from anyone.

Final Thoughts:

There is no doubt left that social media offers huge advantages to every kind of businesses. Your competitors are already growing on threes social media. Therefore do not bag behind and wait for your chance to come. Create one and rule over the web!

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