Two young boys were looking out the bedroom window. Alex was five years old and Tim was seven years old.

"I don't see anything" Tom shrugged his shoulders.

Dad kneeled and pointed up. "Do you see the stars?"


"Keep looking"

"What am I looking for?

"A shooting star"

"What is a shooting star?"

"That!" Dad pointed out the window.


"Dad! Look!"

"I'll be there in a moment."

"Dad! It is coming closer!"


Their dad looked out the window. He heard a low rumbing sound that was beginning to cause the whole house to vibrate. He then told the two boys to run and he ran behind them. He directed them into the cellar. Then he got a large flashlight off the bedroom corner table. All he did was take his eyes off the Alex for a second and Alex disappeared. He yelled for the Alex but the boy did not respond.

The ceiling cracked and the kitchen floor and table became loaded with powder from the cracking wallboard. The rumble got so loud, he couldn't hear a thing. He frantically yelled "Alex!".

He knew the ceiling was going to cave in because multiple cracks were forming in the ceiling. As he and Tim entered the cellar he heard an extremely loud boom.

The cellar door and it's frame were at a thirty three degrees angle. The highest part of the frame was connected to the house. The cellar had a stone wall. The first and second floors had aluminum sidings. On the left side of the cellar doors there was a wooden porch.

The outside cellar door had been torn off it's hinges. It was laying on the grass about six yards away from the door frame. Dad peered into the dust and dirt that was displaced by the crash. For a second he saw the silhouette of Alex in the dirt and dust.

Then dad became troubled by the sighting of a second shooting star whose firey trail defined the arc along which it was traveling. The fired star suddenly turned and started racing directly toward the cellar door.

Dad quickly grabbed his older Tim and raced out of the cellar. They then turned to their right. Dad picked up Tim and ran as fast as he could. Suddenly there was a second loud boom and dad found himself flying through the air. He wrapped his hands around his Tim's head as they landed.

Dad looked back to see Alex laying unconscious on the back porch. He laid Tim on the ground and told him to stay there. Then he ran back to get Alex.

When he came back with Alex, Tim was sitting up on the grass. Both boys were visibly shaken. They all watched in shock as their home burst into flames.

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